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So if you're a predator in say, Alabama, you can go to an area where you are almost assured of finding actual teens from Alabama. Yahoo has no oversight over any of the chat-rooms on their services.Yahoo has categorized their chat-rooms in such a way that Yahoo is a predator’s best friend. Rooms by region group chatters together from the same areas. The only recourse a parent has is to "complain" to Yahoo about a specific user account.

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they will now be shoulder-to-shoulder with teens in chat-rooms. It may possibly double the amount of unwanted sexual solicitations actual teens receive in chat-rooms.All save a couple were of Yahoo users attempting to prey upon teens.Zero of these users were found in user-created chat-rooms. It is because our organization doesn't bother working user-created chat-rooms. It's a complicated answer that you won't find in your average story about Yahoo closing user-created rooms.To praise this decision from any viewpoint is to praise creating a larger problem than what existed before.One may counter-argue that "any step is a good step." It's simply untrue when we're speaking of the amount of predators that will now be flooding regular rooms.Consider:-Yahoo has a burgeoning area set-up for "teens." Some of these rooms are titled "teen love" and "Peep's lounge." Some of these rooms are advertised and grouped by certain age.

For example, "Shoutouts" is for 13-14 year old kids.Update: About a month after this was posted, Yahoo shut down the teen chat-rooms and have signaled that they will be bringing back the User-created rooms.Recently Yahoo, due to pressure from advertisers, shut down their "user-created rooms." For the uninitiated, a "User-created room" is one a regular member creates, not Yahoo.The majority of the room doesn't have an age on their profile... The following message is displayed in public chat...Remember, that's less than three minutes of being in a single, solitary Yahoo teen room. Every second on Yahoo, there are older males in teen rooms looking to prey upon underage females and males. They have seen the stories of teens abducted from Yahoo chat-rooms.While we're happy to finally, after years, see some...

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