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She noted that the USG was engaged in human rights dialogues with many countries throughout the world, as the U. Congress and American people expect, and that the U. delegation would welcome the opportunity to address Libya's needs for technical assistance in the areas outlined by Kusa.

Kusa stressed that the GOL viewed the human rights dialogue as part of a larger group of bilateral dialogues with the United States on a number of topics, including security, civil-nuclear cooperation, and political-military engagement; his emphasis on this point, coupled with last-minute Libyan changes to the joint statement (which resulted in agreement for no statement) hinted at a deal struck with hardliners to put the talks back on track only if they had a broader -- or no -- public focus. Boudabbous refused to clarify what had happened and continued with his lecture as if he had been uninterrupted. End note.] xxxxxxxxxxxx told the Charge that he would inform Foreign Minister Musa Kusa of the U. side's objections to the delegation and format of the dialogue. Shortly thereafter, xxxxxxxxxxxx called to inform the Charge that FM Kusa would lead the dialogue himself at 1830 hours and that he would like to host a dinner for the team at 2100 hours, as previously scheduled. delegation met an appropriate GOL interagency team, led by the Foreign Minister, at Libya's Foreign Ministry. delegation's response to the professor's viewpoint during the morning meeting, calling it an example of the "bad chemistry" that had plagued the relationship. With borders 6,000 km long, mostly along the desert, and poor neighboring countries, Libya "can do nothing" according to Kusa, to combat illegal immigration unilaterally.

Moammar Gadhafi may be viewed as a despot by the West, but his Eastern European nurses call him "papa." Now, one nurse has taken her story public and revealed that the Libyan dictator isn't a bad boss to have.

And that he has a weakness for camel meat and couscous.

He said that UK representatives had visited Libya's criminal detention facilities, photographed, and reported that detainees were treated in accordance with international human rights conventions.

Tumi described the judicial process by which detainees are tried and sentenced, laws stipulating detainee rights, and the treatment of detainees in detention centers.

The man once disparaged by former US President Ronald Reagan as the "mad dog of the Middle East," has taken on an almost mythical status for his exploits. Although a bizarre, last-minute Libyan delegation and agenda switch nearly scuttled the talks, FM Musa Kusa intervened to restore the original delegation and agenda, and personally launched the talks. interagency team led by Acting A/S for DRL Karen Stewart met with Libyan officials at 1030 local time August 18 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tripoli to initiate a bilateral Human Rights Dialogue. assistance to combat illegal immigration and trafficking-in-persons, to upgrade and build capacity in Libyan prisons, and to train police.

9/17/2009 09TRIPOLI748 Embassy Tripoli CONFIDENTIAL 09TRIPOLI677 VZCZCXRO7857 OO RUEHBC RUEHDE RUEHDH RUEHKUK RUEHROV DE RUEHTRO #0748/01 2601049 ZNY CCCCC ZZH O P 171049Z SEP 09 FM AMEMBASSY TRIPOLI TO RUEHC/SECSTATE WASHDC IMMEDIATE 5271 INFO RUEHEE/ARAB LEAGUE COLLECTIVE RHEHAAA/NSC WASHINGTON DC RUEHLO/AMEMBASSY LONDON 1158 RUEHFR/AMEMBASSY PARIS 0830 RUEHRO/AMEMBASSY ROME 0598 RUEAIIA/CIA WASHDC RUEHTRO/AMEMBASSY TRIPOLI 5816 TAGS: PREL, PGOV, PHUM, LY SUBJECT: HUMAN RIGHTS DIALOGUE REBOUNDS AFTER DIFFICULT START REF: TRIPOLI 677 C o n f i d e n t i a l section 01 of 05 tripoli 000748 Sipdis Dept for nea/mag, l (bob harris), drl (kari johnstone). In his opening remarks, Kusa acknowledged the GOL's need for U. technical assistance in a range of areas, including illegal immigration and upgrading the capacity of Libya's detention centers and prisons. delegation included xxxxxxxxxxxx Dialogue begins with a false start 3. While the Libyan side initially responded positively to the concept of the dialogue and provided on August 17 a list of participants and an agenda that paralleled our proposed agenda, the actual GOL team for the morning session was led by a philosophy professor, a judge, and the Foreign Minister's interpreter, none of whom was included among the original delegation. Kusa said that he had requested EU assistance to tackle the illegal immigration problem, specifying that in a country of six million people, Libya had three million immigrants, most of whom were illegal.

There, the dictator himself took care of the casting, "eyeing them steadfastly" and asking about the womens' individual areas of specialization as nurses.

Then he made his decision -- Balinskaya was hired at a much more generous salary than she might have gotten back in Ukraine.

On the first issue, he pointed to various facts proving that women are empowered in Libya - "at least 150 women work in the Foreign Ministry." Regarding political prisoners, he insisted that the "political prisoners" to which the report referred were actually fundamentalists with links to Al Qaeda, whom the GOL was trying to rehabilitate.

He explained that the Libyan government was "stretching its hands" and "opening its heart" to dialogue and discussion for the sake of transparency and to correct the wrong information that the USG was reporting on the human rights situation in Libya. (C) Acting A/S Stewart thanked Kusa for taking a personal interest in launching the dialogue, noting that the dialogue would be integral to broader bilateral efforts to expand Tripoli 00000748 003.2 of 005 cooperation across several spheres, including political-military, economic, education, and culture.

Libyan delegation addresses illegal immigration, prisons, u.s. (C) Turning the floor to his delegation, Kusa said that a group of specialists had been gathered on the Libyan side for the purpose of the dialogue.

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