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I got 5 blueys one from Zac, Daphne, I think Sharpie sent one and Dad?? I stared at them for about an hour I cant explain how good it is to get pictures and stuff you get grown men close to tears at the sight of there kid or a good night out its really strange how this place fucks with your head and emotions.

Here Rifleman Cyrus Thatcher, who was 19 when he was killed by an explosion near Gereshk seven weeks ago, tells his own story, through letters home and the last letter he left behind to bid farewell to his family – his mother Helena, father Robin and brothers Zac, 21, and Steely, 17. On the 6th we can go Belfast Iv'e got loads of sad things I wanna buy ie Sky Big TV. So my dance moves might involve a bit of stumbling when I return! Xxxx Hey Mum family Ill always address my letters to you cuz I no your probley the only one who gets to the mail!!27 April 2009 Hello Mum I've just got your bluey [letter] (the 1st one) yea you are right it does get fucking hot, I can't work out wether I'm tanned or just burnt to fuck!! I was gonna write to granny grandad but to be honest with the few spare hours I get Id'e rather write home ey? Got some really good photos ill have to bring my camera back so we can get that Kosovo collage on the go, to bring back on the 5th of November. We've still had spam, rice, beans and unflavoured noodles every day – promise me actually I promise you if I see spam in the house ill fucking destroy it!!I've spoke to you on the phone so you no what I've been doing. If you saw what and where Ive been sleeping you would be shocked!! Unfortunately 3 blokes died 2 days ago in an IED explosion in one of the FOBs [Forward Operating Bases] bout 2 kilometers away – we visited that FOB 2 days before the attack – fucking mental quite scary actually! Im getting pretty good at making flat bread and we bout a goat of a local for 200 dollars and we slaughtered it. Its either catch it, kill it, or make it out here or else you go hungry LOL!!On some much sadder news one of our rifleman died a few days back, we had a parade and a few minutes silence its so strange how many emotions you go through living in these conditions its like everything wants to beat you and rewin your day. Its gonna be a fucking massive operation moving this lot a lot of helicopter rides.Its about not letting it get to you and don't worry nothing fucking gets to me. If you could see what Im looking at now you'd be pretty shocked. I could probley sling shot a stone from where we were last contacted [shot at] from Ha! So when I come back after R&R [leave] ill fly to [the main British camp] bastion then out to our new FOB. Swetting my tits of its gonna hit 50 degrees today.I thought Steely and Zacs [poses] in the garden were quality.

I can only prove how much a letter or small parcel means by finding time to right back – that's probley the most precious thing I have and Id'e trade hours for a letter. I shouldn't really tell you this but its safer than on the phone – were leaving this place.

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the band: amanda palmer – piano and vocals jherek bischoff – electric bass, string arrangement, mixing & mastering engineer, bad-ass ben folds – drums, spiritual editor ryan lerman – electric guitar aniela marie perry – cello lauren elizabeth baba – viola crystal brooke alforque – violin sound engineers: chris kahn at eastwest studio LA (band) jaron luksa at (vocals and strings) thanks to mayumi heider for cat-herding, to mayumi, risa luksa, and gracie folds for childcare, to allan and olga for photo and video, to nicole for photos at jaron’s, and to erin…a machete. i have never liked the box of knives you said was a paradox because you’re kind but withstood a childhood that robbed you blind of love that was safe and so you learned to fight x3 what do i do with this stuff?

These letters - given to The Independent by his family - reveal the excitement of a teenager sent to fulfil his dream, and his maturity in confronting the possibility that he might not make it home In the spring of 2009, the 2nd Battalion, The Rifles deployed to Afghanistan.

Halfway through the battalion's tour, it has lost nine soldiers, with dozens injured. Iv been thinking of loads of things and places to do, go and see.

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