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The rest of the act however, he argued, should be kept in place.

One of the main questions remains — if the individual mandate is struck down, will the remainder of the ACA remain or fall as well?Yet, the decision may simultaneously deflate the Republicans if the Court throws out the ACA and resolves ‘Obamacare’ by itself.Regardless of the direction or the scope of the decision, the ruling on the ACA will have an enormous impact – legally, physically, and politically.The PCIP has offered life-saving healthcare to patients with cancer, AIDS, and other critical illnesses.The political implications of the decision are also guaranteed to be momentous. Romance, love and that mushy stuff I am not interested' Sx, lust and passion are all that I want.

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If health care insurance can be mandated by the federal government, then why not the consumption of broccoli or burial insurance?

While the slippery slope arguments strike distinctly of a strict adherence to formalism, and appear to disregard the context of the mandates in question and their relative impacts, it brings to the fore the question of the extent of federal power and how to impose appropriate limits.

A favorable outcome may simultaneously reaffirm the Obama administration’s success in passing a comprehensive health care package while reenergizing the Republicans for the general election.

Yet given Mitt Romney’s complex relationship with health care reform, especially in his home state of Massachusetts where he signed a similar individual mandate into law, the amount of political leverage he can gain from the Court’s decision is questionable and remains to be seen.

However, the consumer protections afforded by the ACA are only affordable if offset by the individual mandate, making the popular half of the act inoperable without the other.

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