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E xx Jakson, J., & Co 21 Jewsbury & Brown Text 256 Josephs," P., & Sons ... & W vii Hoffmann-la Boehe Chemical Works, Ltd vii Hommel's, Dr., H.-ematogen iv Horlick's Malted Milk Co. Griffiths 12 Huntley, Boorne & Stevens, Ltd 14 I n d i a- R r , Gut ta-Peroha, and Telegraph Works Co., Ltd xiii Isaacs, I., & Co vi Jackson, E. Junora Wine xix Kay Bros., Ltd xiv Keene & Ashwell.

43/10.819 August 10, 1912 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST 3 IMPORTANT TO THE RETAIL TRADE. W ^^^^ The widely advertised Cure for TEUVi O «»- FRECKLES for which there is a large and increasing public demand, can be obtained from the leading Wholesale Chemists. Papier Poudre, Ltd xxiii Parkinson, Worswick J ii Peake, Allen & Co ii Peat Products (Sphagnol), Ltd vi Perken, Son & Co., Ltd 15 Plucknett, C. xxiii Preseott & Co xxiii Prichard & Constance, Ltd. Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2014 https://archive.org/details/b19974760M1779 TEE OH KM 1ST AND DRCGQ1ST, August 10, 1812. Established in ENGLAND, 1859."] Registered as a Newspaper. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS: "CHEMICUS CANNON LONDON." Established in \_AUSTRALASIA, 1885. The card as illustrated (size 8J" X 5§") which we supply with all orders, will attract many a nurse and mother into your pharmacy.

W rite for Samples and Prices of our PEPPERMINT OILS. August 10, 1912 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS IN THIS ISSUE. The Arabic numerals (1 Advertisements Page Aironal, Ltd 20 Alabastine Co., Ltd xiv Alexandre, L xxiii Allcock's Plasters xiii Allen & Hanburys, Ltd.

viii London College of Pharmacy 10 London Essence Co 16 Lorimer Marshall, Ltd.

26 Mc Kesson &, Robbins 18 Manson, R xxiii Markt & Co.

STOCK Abollinaris J- The Physicians' Favourite Natural Table Water.

"The Safety that Sells at a Shilling" Made of nickelled brass, with reliable highly tempered steel blade. 1," with 1 blade, in card box, per doz., 8/6 B2751/B Spare Blades for ditto, in packets' of 6, per doz.

& Chapman vi Maw, S., Son & Sons 2 Merten, F., & Co Col.

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