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They are not necessarily black, but may be brown or even cinnamon-colored. They are generally solitary animals except for breeding and raising their young.Luckily, they are much better than the brown bear at coexisting with humans. The black bear population in the Skylands region has risen to 50 times what is was two decades ago.

Humans have taken over much of the bear's original habitat.

In New Jersey the black bear lives in the wild without any specific designation.

Black bear prefer to live in dense cover, such as forests, cedar swamps, thickets, brush and clear cuts populated with saplings.

Their choice of home range is determined by the types and availability of food.

They roam throughout the summer in search of food sources.

The loss of their homes has forced the bears to adapt to humans.

And this highly intelligent creature has done just that.[Home] [Shop-O-Matic] [Juju's Bowl] Please forward all comments, suggestions, & edible flake donations to JUJU the Bowlmaster © 1999-2016 Goldfish Legs - All Wrongs Reversed & Trades Marked (because Fish have lawyers too!If you have yet to see a black bear up close, you're missing an exquisite example of nature's beauty and majesty.) Though I feel the ratio of tits to man-ass was greatly skewed in the wrong direction. In addition I really love how the director utilized the soundtrack to alert the audience of an impending sexual encounter. Black bears are excellent tree climbers, even as cubs, and use trees to escape danger.