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Each product was developed to have the same effects as Siang Pure Balm, but also have additional properties that would appeal to a new customer base, particularly the Peppermint Field product line.Peppermint Field Gel and Peppermint Balm Stick use the same ingredients as Siang Pure Oil, but both are fragrant, quickly absorbable, are not greasy, and leave no residue.

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These products include Siang Pure Inhaler, Peppermint Field Inhaler, Peppermint Field Gel and Balm Stick, Green Tea Scented Peppermint Field Gel and Balm Stick, and See Chuan Oil.

Siang Pure Oil has properties similar to smelling salts and is predominately used to relieve dizziness and symptoms of fainting, but it can also be used to relieve indigestion, cramps, bone and joint aches, bruises, muscle pain and insect bites.

Bertram also developed a derivative product – Siang Pure Balm – which has a thicker consistency and as such is easier to use to relieve pain from sore muscles and bruises.

Bertram’s success through the years meant that it already had strong brand name recognition throughout Thailand and Asia.

While Siang Pure Oil enjoyed a reputation as a long trusted quality product and brand name, the changes in the market and consumer taste meant that Bertram had to also change its branding, marketing and advertising strategies.

Drawing on Master Tang’s teachings, Boonchua started refining the forumla and ultimately transformed it into an oil-based product.

To test its effectiveness, he produced and sold small quantities of it to the Chinese community in Bangkok.

Due to its packaging, the balm stick in particular is incredibly easy to use and can be applied without touching the actual balm, thus leaving no stains on hands.

The green tea scented type has all the same benefits as the original, but with the added refreshing and relaxing scent of green tea.

The new product, called Siang Pure Oil – Formula II, is crystal clear, less viscous and contains less menthol, which gives the oil a discrete scent and does not stain clothing.

Bertram also developed a Formula II balm, and relabeled its original oil and balm as “Formula I”.

Suwanna Akrapongpisak, Bertram Marketing Director and daughter of the company founder.

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