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The simplicity of the arrangement of the coding is not the least important feature in the work, for this portion is so effectively done, that a few minutes study will suffice to make a man of averrge ordinary ability sufficiently acquainted with the proper working of the system.

It is suitable for all the principal trades and professions. GENOA, LEGHORN CIVITA VECCHIA, NAPLES, MESSINA, and PALERMO. Bi-monthly service by steamer to LISBON and OPORTO.

The Secrecy of a message is guaranteed by adopting the author's cipher, which is fully explained in the preface of the book, to which we beg to refer our readers.' Birmingham Daily Gazette. LISBON, CADIZ, MALAGA, and SEVILLE (Calling at HUELVA when sufficient cargo offers).

The Economy of using the code is apparent at the first glance ; the saving to be effected on a single foreign message would in many cases repay the cost of the work. Departures every few days TO and FROM LONDON and LIVERPOOL, AND BILBAO, SAN SEBASTIAN, SANTANDER, CORUNNA, and VIGO (Callirg at GIJON when sufficient cargo offers). ROBBINS & WALFORD, SHIP BROKERS AND STEAMSHIP AGENTS, ANTWERP. Spanish steamers regularly sailing between ANTWERP.

THE CORPORATION OF THE Sfi OTTISH PROVIDENT Forms of proposal, copies of the Annual Reports, and every assistance in carrying through an Assurance, may be had at the Head Office, or any of the Agencies. It does contain " Multum in Parvo " in all truth, and we cannot help congratulating Mr. People of business who telegraph largely may save very many pounds a year by making hs system theirs, for it is based on most logical principles, and may, in fact, be termed phonographic telegraphy : firstly, because it contracts matter in words, and consequently in cost, a hundredfold; and secondly, because it is to the uninitiated as unknown a tongue as Pitman's, Gurney's, or Odell's ; in short, the three great essent ; als of Secrecy, Economy and Simplicity are admirably blended in this work Even the most unimaginative mind may grasp the extremely logical deductions of th,» author, which clearly proves the fact, long asserted by detectives and experts, that the more simple the cipher, the more undecipherable it must necessarily be. ' Such an increase has recently taken place in the occasions on which the electric telegraph is used, that merchants and others find their expenses under this head growing into a large item ; hence Mr.

Katharine Docks I The Charity Organisation Society C mmnv and its Branclies throughout the TVm -Rri ilh A inflation for the Kingdom T Mv Sment ofscience The Social Setae Association The General Medical Council «»• sc ' ac ' Advertise Tkdhts.d L? '"The AB C Telegraphic Code" is, as it professes to be, specially adapted for the use of merchants, shipowners, brokers, agents, and others.

'The demand for a cheap, simpie, and secret process of sending telegrams appears to be thoroughly supplied by Mr. Clauson-1 hue's 'ABC Telegraphic Code." The system, as explained in the opening pages, appears to be very simple and wonderfully complete for mercantile purposes.' British Mercantile Gazette.

The work has our heartiest approval' Allen's Indian Mail. 'The ABC code is the most extensive and complete effort of the kind that we hive yet seen ; it is worthy of deep and patient study for sake of the golden guineas that may ensue ; the process will become simple by practice.' City Press. Not the least of its m.rits, so far as our readers are concerned is a comolete list of products and commodities.' Daily Recorder. The work seems comprehensive, and, if the system actually possesses the simplicity it bears evidence of, it ear.::ot fail to be appreciated. Steamers regularly despatched every few days to all Ports in Spain and Portugal. FOURTH EDITION - r^ O00 ^-- rf Cn r«- roo Tf »^ HH o n S rt O pq H rt 10 O rt 10 rt- ' j- ^ C d) it .3 X rtn O to f O ON 33333^3 3 rt CUl-i Claim (s) . 'The mercantile community have here presented to them a system by which tele^.-aphic communications may be transmitted between two parties with Secrecy and Economy. The author's system also ensures complete secrecy.' Lloyd's Newspaper.