Who is smurfette dating

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Who is smurfette dating

Grandpa Smurf, Nanny Smurf, and Papa Smurf could see right away that Hefty and Smurfette's love for each other was very strong, and would last forever.

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It was a few days after Baby Smurfpixie arrived, a group of Smurfs went out to collect walnuts.They drew closer, murmuring worriedly."What happened Handy? " Smurfette asked, concerned."Oh it's...nothing." Hefty lied."Hefty come on, you can tell me." Smurfette said."I, uh, I can't." Hefty's blush grew a little stronger."Of course you can.""No, seriously, I can't." Papa Smurf asked, hurrying over."Smurfette lost her balance in one of the trees and fell. " Hefty groaned; he then saw Smurfette sitting next to him. The words get stuck in my throat.""Oh." Smurfette thought for a few seconds.Hefty got knocked out saving her." Handy explained."Oh my." Papa Smurf checked Hefty's breathing and heartbeat. We'd best get him to bed."They did, and Handy, Papa Smurf, and Smurfette took turns caring for Hefty. "Is there any way you can tell me without actually talking? The complete opposite actually."Smurfette started to catch on."Wait a minute, Hefty are you trying to tell me that you love me?""There's one way but you'd probably think me too forward." Hefty's heart started pounding."But-" Smurfette had put a hand to Hefty's chest at that, and stopped when she felt his heart pounding. ""I think I'm more scared to tell you than I used to be scared about heights." Hefty nodded."Okay, what if I promise never to hate you or anything of the sort if you tell me? That's no big surprise all the Smurfs love me like a friend.""It's not that kind of love for me." Hefty swallowed." Smurfette asked."Because I was scared, scared of you rejecting me."Smurfette smiled."Hefty, look at me.""I-I can't." Hefty was scared to look in her eyes, because they could show him what Smurfette was feeling."It's okay."Hefty reluctantly did, and was relieved to see no regret or sadness in Smurfette's eyes. He then returned the kiss and he and Smurfette fell irreversibly in love with each other.

When they broke apart Hefty, tears of happiness forming in his eyes, hugged Smurfette and she hugged him back."Oh, I'd better let the other Smurfs know you're all better, they've been worried about you too.

Later you proved to be kind, helpful, generous, caring..my love for you became stronger than the other Smurfs' love for you.

The second time you changed was when Gargamel turned you back into his thing.

A longer version of when Magic Smurf defeated Gargamel with extra stories. Also, there's going to be a different kind of battle afterwords, a more personal battle.

Mostly revolves around Magic Smurf, Aeronautic Smurfette, Aquatic Smurfette and the ex-Smurflings they're full grown Smurfs now . But first, I want to introduce you to a few more pairings that happen before the battle.

"Well, I did that not only because it was the Smurf thing to do but also because I love her.""And I love Hefty back." Smurfette said.

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