Who is justin timberlake dating august 2016

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“But unfortunately, I still believe in love and that sort of thing …

Not only does having a lot of different labors of love keep your mind healthy, it makes you way more interesting on a date. Here are six things JT is doing that you should do too. Former ‘NSync-er turned entrepreneur extraordinaire and most likely the only man who can make a blonde Jheri Curl sexy. So how does JT bring Sexy Back time and time again?You can tailor your conversations based on what you find in common with your date, and the more you’re invested in, the more chances you’ll find something to be in sync about. He’s been named Most Stylish Man in America by GQ Magazine due to his impeccable ability to throw together an outfit—yes guys, I said outfit—including his signature head topper, the fedora. His confidence while wearing skinny ties and sneakers is what undoubtedly makes him irresistible to the ladies. Wear what you wish, but make sure you rock it like you’re stepping onto your 500th red carpet. 3) He minds his manners Hailing from small town Tennessee, Justin knows a thing or two about how to be a Southern gentleman.Not only does he value politeness, humbleness and frugality, even superstar friends like Reba Mc Entire speak highly of JT’s manners: “He’s a good ole’ boy from Memphis, and with all the things he’s done and acquired, he’s still a gentleman. He looks at you when you’re talking – looks you right in the eye.“She asked him on the phone, ‘Are you still with Jessica?

Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner are reportedly dating, which is really great or really horrible news, depending on who you ask.

this week, Spears admitted that she’s still looking for Mr.

Right despite having been in “horrible relationships” in the past.

And the hosts were quick to document their role Tuesday, as both Timberlake and Biel posted the pair's photobooth memorabilia with Clinton on their respective social media accounts. The visit, which began on Monday, is her first trip to Hollywood since accepting her historic nomination at the Democratic National Convention, whose lineup was also filled with celebrities backing Clinton. Cloobeck, and the other by Mike Levin, Frank Barbaro, and Melahat Rafiei.

On Saturday, news broke that Di Caprio, a known Clinton supporter, had backed out of the event due to a work-related conflict.

As any suggestion that the scandal is connected to Di Caprio dropping out "is completely false.