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Jerusalem does not adjoin any important body of water nor is it located on any trade route.

Ideally a place like Jaffa (next to today's Tel Aviv) would have made the most sense. The reason why Jerusalem has to do with a very unique aspect of the Jewish people, and why the children of Israel became a nation in the first place.

From David will come all the future kings of Judah and ultimately, at the end of history, the Messiah.

This idea of a God-ordained monarchy will be copied by many other nations throughout history and will serve as the basis for the concept of "the divine right of kings" in Medieval and Renaissance Europe.(1) We know historically that the story of Israel during this entire period of time ― from the Exodus onward ― is the story of a tiny nation sandwiched between the two great ancient civilizations, Egypt and Mesopotamia (which was ruled at various times by the Assyrians, Babylonians or Persians).

(There are major trade routes crisscrossing Israel at this time.

There is the Kings Highway, which is one of the major trade routes in the ancient Middle East, running from the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea to Damascus.

When David takes the throne, Egypt and Assyria are both on a significant decline.

They're not in any position to expand, which leaves a vacuum in the middle where Israel is located, and Israel is allowed to expand unmolested by these other great empires.

A little French avant-garde journal publishes a photograph of a sheet of glass covered in dust. features works by Man Ray, John Divola, Sophie Ristelhueber, Mona Kuhn, Xavier Ribas, Nick Waplington, Edward Ruscha, Jeff Wall and many others, alongside anonymous press photos, postcards, magazine spreads and movies.

The photographer is Man Ray, the glass is by Marcel Duchamp.

(Psalm 121) Even when we consider his military conquest, we see that the driving force behind them was his attachment to God.

The hereditary bloodline of King David will become the only legitimate royal bloodline in Jewish history.

The spring is accessed from inside the city by a long shaft carved into rock.

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    Chillingly, victims continued to pop up with their name and picture.