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He obtained his first television role as Larrabe Hicks on Canadian comedy series, My Best Friend is an Alien.

But an encounter with the Joker (Zach Galifianakis) gets him thinking about his solitude, and new commissioner Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson) wants to work with him rather than let him do everything on his own.The audience has little choice but to hold on for the ride, and since it's impossible to see every gag that flies at us, this is clearly a movie that requires multiple viewings.The problem is that the story and characters aren't very inviting.Cera spent 5 weeks in Chile learning Spanish for his role in independent film Magic Magic.Cera recently featured in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's This Is the End, portraying himself as an alter-ego, a confident, drug abuser, sex addict.Personal Life: 'I've been working since I was 9 and I haven't really focused the same amount of energy in my personal life.

So that's something I may actually have to put a lot of work into'. Biography by A spin-off from 2014's awesome The Lego Movie, this raucously paced action-comedy is proof that nonstop hilarity isn't enough.

Edgar Wright can be viewed interviewing Cera and Jonah Hill as part of Superbad's promotion/marketing.

Cera featured in an episode of the Simpsons as Nick whilst maintaining his small television roles and film roles.

Juno was in the official selection for best movie at the AFI awards and was nominated for an Academy Award for best writing.

Cera made the most out of his youth, acting as broken hearted teen in Nick and Norah's Infinite playlist.

Genre fans will adore the relentless barrage of silliness, as wordplay, sight-gags, film references and elaborate jokes pile on top of each other.