Who is claire holt dating

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Who is claire holt dating

It is implied that they were truly in love at one point. I want to have kids with someone who loves me enough to stand outside my window with a stupid boombox. Once Rebekah revealed that she was also a vampire, things developed quickly between her and Stefan.

Stefan realizes she's into Tyler now and says, "That's kind of fickle." Rebekah responds saying, "When you're willing to give me the time of day again, we'll talk.

Thus, showing she really did love Stefan and she is somehow angry that he was still not in love with her.

She later forms an unlikely alliance with Stefan in order to beat Klaus at his own game.

She helped Stefan kill a guard in order to make Elena feed to complete the transition.

She is shown to still be very jealous of Elena; this may be due to the fact that she and Stefan were once in love and that she envies the kind of love that Stefan has for Elena.

Until then, a girl has needs." In Growing Pains, Stefan is still angry at Rebekah for killing Elena and thus leading that to her transition.

They are later captured by the Council and are held prisoners.

There are a ton of stars who met on the set of their TV shows (EX: Disney Channel duos, like Bella Thorne & Zendaya) and became instant BFFs, but those aren’t the famous pairs we’re talking about.

Sexual, Exes; They had an attraction for each other, They were in love nearly a century ago; Former Enemies, Former Allies, Former Frenemies, Friends; They allied together to get the cure, He went against her wishes to get the cure for herself, He was involved with killing her brother and this possibly put a permanent strain on their relationship. When she and Klaus, her brother, had to flee Chicago, she wanted Stefan to come with them, but Klaus denied her request and forced her to choose between Stefan and himself.

When Rebekah chose Stefan, Klaus neutralized her with the white oak ash dagger for almost a century until resurrected in 2010.

Klaus resurrects Rebekah so she can give him the key to contacting the original witch.

The stunning Claire Holt of The Originals fame took to Instagram yesterday to share the exciting news that she's newly engaged to her now fiancé, Matt Kaplan.