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The anticapitalist satire from which this Weimar-era suite is drawn references New York in a number of ways, but its musical DNA stretches back to Bach, something not lost on Shelley, who drew a pungent performance.'' [On Haydn’s Symphony No 99] ''..development of the first movement […] accompanied solely by the conductor's left hand, was concerted with care and the gradual escalation led to exciting results. Again, Shelley conducted with the keen dramatic and rhythmic sense which must have left many listeners hoping he will eventually conduct the complete opera.'' ‘’...The impeccable choice of tempo and noteworthy decision to slow some bars down – those subsequent to the exposition of the first movement, the trio in the third and in the moments just before the coda in the forth – was pleasantly surprising and maintained an overall cohesion…’’ ''... When performing the Overture to Der Freischutz it is necessary to highlight every colour and dramatic detail.

Alexander Shelley is Music Director of Canada’s National Arts Centre, Chief Conductor of the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra and Principal Associate Conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.The witty lines of music went trippingly along, bouncing off accents and capturing the good-humoured cheer inherent in this work.All sections of the orchestra responded instantly to Shelley’s laconic and at times detached, though always pellucid style of conducting.In the third movement Gavotte, it was sufficient for a mere twitch of his baton to make the strings play up the ironic dance element while in the finale, the strict marshalling of the troops meant that the chasing contrapuntal lines between strings and woodwind bubbled with controlled excitement.'' ''Shelley is a superb musician, with an impressive command of technique and repertoire.He has made intelligent, long-overdue changes to section placement, and is bringing in new blood.There was a current of bubbling exuberance and volatility in the First Symphony Wednesday night.

Shelley crafted curvaceous, fairy-tale phrases; tempi were spirited but dignified, with an action-packed last movement.'' ''A natural communicator on and off the podium, he justified every work’s place in the concert, which had opened with Weill’s Little Threepenny Music.Download Alexander's full 2016/17 biography NATIONAL ARTS CENTRE ORCHESTRA, OTTAWA2016/17 Season - Experience the Passion and Power Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Alexander Shelley's website Bundesjugendorchester on the Berlin Philharmonie Digital Concert Hall MENDELSSOHN 'Overture, Nocturne and Scherzo' from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'TCHAIKOVSKY Piano Concerto No. ''Shelley’s clarity of intellectual analysis and unassailable technique really shine in big-bodied, structurally unforgiving works like [Walton's Symphony No 1].The first movement thrummed and pulsed with a kind of efficient, industrial passion.Walton marked the second movement Presto, “with malice”, and Shelley whipped the orchestra into a snarling, bickering frenzy.The last movement was both immense and immensely satisfying, the fugue section bluesy and loose, the ending a glorious riot of brass and tightly choreographed percussion (what a splendid effect, visually as well as aurally, from those double tympani! Shelley was the calm center of control in the middle of all that grandiose sound and fury.'' ''[..]Shelley’s conducting was virile and vigorous, producing robust weight and lofty tone from the orchestra.5, with glossy, bell-like effects from the horns and trombones.