Who is aaron rodgers dating 2016

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Who is aaron rodgers dating 2016

Although it is unclear what exactly started the Rodgers brother feud, we have a sneaking suspicion part of it has to do with Olivia Munn.Remember Jordan’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Farrar that blasted him online for being a cheater? And Olivia actually clicked like on Brittany’s Jordan-bashing post and co-signed on it. Aside from the fact that Jordan cheated on Aaron’s girlfriend’s BFF, we’re going to assume the rest of their brotherly feud stems from Aaron’s success and Jordan’s lack-of.

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So he probably dropped the price hoping it helps it sell. Aaron is in control of his schedule in the off-season.

Still, rumors have continued to swirl online in regard to her involvement in his family feud.

While Rodgers and Munn have remained silent in regard to the feud, they have not been seen in photos with the family in recent years and when Munn was asked about her Christmas plans during an interview this week, she didn't mention anything about Rodgers' family.

Aaron is probably a bit upset that his brother is an MVP and he “rode the bench” as Brittany Farrar put it.

Plus, its safe to say Aaron is a little sick of his bro Jordan riding his coattail and using his brother’s name to benefit himself.

Here’s the ironic part, while Jordan is riding his brother Aaron Rodgers’ coattails and using his NFL connections to try and impress Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher, word on the Internet is that Aaron and Jordan are not even on speaking terms and have been feuding for quite a while.

If Jojo Fletcher was hoping to get a seat in the Rodgers Family skybox… And, as far as Aaron Rodgers’ famous actress girlfriend Olivia Munn – she doesn’t want anything to do with Jordan, so it looks like Jojo won’t be infiltrating her Hollywood circle any time soon either.

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star, who recently split from boyfriend of two years, actor Joel Kinnaman, has moved on to NFL hunk Aaron Rodgers. Multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly that Munn and Rodgers are dating; The pair were spotted dining with a group of pals at Nobu Malibu on Saturday, May 10, where they behaved like quite the couple. One eyewitness tells Us that the couple was at a big table, where they laughed with friends and stole kisses throughout the meal.

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