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We both have been dancing pole for about four years. Jessica: It involves a lot of strength and balance. We both started working at around the same time as well. Of course, there’s the sexy side of it, but it’s also a process of always challenging your body. Like “I can’t do this today, I have to work up to that level.” I’ve taken boot camp-style fitness and it’s very much the same kind of thing. It’s one thing to be at a gym running or whatever, but if you’re hanging from a pole, you’ve got the motivation to hang on of you’ll crack your head [laughs].

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It can play big part in whether others, usually random Instagram users, will engage (like, follow and comment) with your account. Walk me out on a chain and lead me around — just do it." Whipping me with the flogger. Sm Sh: It’s like inverted an expected power relationship? We change the shows depending on what the venue or event requires. Like the last performance we did, Cathy, my partner, walked me around on a leash. We do a lot of stuff where we’re both on the pole, one of us holding the other… Before she was doing more graceful moves and things, but I’m like, “Okay, I’ve got a job for us. Especially coming from women dressed as school girls. Check out for more info and how to book your spot.is on your screens right now and first up, we have Kid Fonque, who will be on the decks until .And I saw how debilitating it is, and how disabled she was getting in terms of her physique. But since then I’ve really been working on ways to catch myself — to anticipate the fall and react to it to not get hurt. Everything seems hard at some point — hand spring variations… Sm Sh: Where do you get inspiration from for your own performances?

I needed to do something to prevent this, and exercise is the best way. Pole dancing, at first, was just a hobby but then I really got into it. And then I got accepted into a professional dance academy, and that’s how I met Cathy, my dance partner. Instead majority of users spend little effort thinking of creative usernames and instead end up with lame/not very cool profile names. In this article we’re going to provide you with some awesome tips for creating unique names for Instagram, that can also be used for other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook & forums.Then provide the best collection of good Instagram usernames; including some funny Instagram names, cool Instagram names, cute Instagram names, Instagram names for girls and Instagram names for boys. Food" is an ongoing column in which we get to know the myriad of people who call Shanghai home, while getting them to chow down on some strange, interesting, wonderful, bizarre, horrific, delicious, singular food item readily available in the city. *** This Saturday, Jessica and her partner are performing at Inferno as part of a going away party. I first got here and I started teaching English, you know. I was teaching here and from my time in Spain, I had given up dancing for that period. The Food: N2 Ice Lab's liquid nitrogen gelato -- an American import, N2 Ice Cream Lab is a gelato chain with a pretty singular gimmick: They use liquid nitrogen to "flash freeze" your gelato right there on the spot. Some, possibly all of these things will be involved: blood, milk baths, flogging, S&M, and plenty of that good ole fashion rock 'n' roll. So, here’s the thing: My grandmother has osteoporosis and every time I go back to the States I take care of her. For some there is a move called Iron X, which is basically doing a side handstand on the pole, like a flag, and supporting yourself on strength. On the other hand if your going to have a fairly social and humorous account, that may not so bad.