Website dating beautiful people

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Website dating beautiful people

The data breach came to their attention in December, when security professionals found a Beautiful People database that was left vulnerable in its servers.

But according to cybersecurity expert Troy Hunt, who spoke with in a statement that the breach only involves data that was entered to the website prior to mid-July 2015 and that affected users had already been notified."Attractiveness can convey more power over visible space, but that in turn can make others feel they can’t approach that person," said Dr.Tonya Frevert, who studies the different ways that extreme physical beauty is received in social situations.No password or authentications were required to see the database in full for those who knew where to look.THE SUN - Sep 27 - Dating site Beautiful is opening an exclusive new club where every guest is vetted to ensure they are attractive enough to enter.The online dating site OK Cupid have disclosed that people who post the most beautiful profile pictures are less likely to receive dates than people with more down-to-Earth looks.

That's consistent with other research, reviewed by social psychologists at the which demonstrated that people move out of the way when extremely attractive women walk through public space.

The site says its data was left open on a test server on Mongo DB.

Vickery recently discovered that the records of 93 million Mexican voters were leaked due to a configuration error on another Mongo DB database.

Hunt says he also discovered 170 profiles from United States government employees who signed under their email addresses.

Breaches on dating websites has been a popular target for hackers over the year.

Hunt, who was given the data by an anonymous source, has verified its legitimacy with Beautiful users. "I keep seeing a heap of gov stuff where it probably shouldn't be," he tweeted.