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“And the unpredictable scheduling prevents them from taking a second job or going back to school or whatever issue they may face in terms of scheduling.”Murray said her and her fellow workers started a petition in her store nearly two years ago demanding more hours.

The shifts are available, Murray said, because Walmart doesn’t fully staff its stores.

Murray was a key member of the "Respect the Bump" campaign demanding policy change.

She worked in the same store as Tiffany Beroid, who was featured in a story last weekend.

“All our stores are understaffed, and Walmart keeps them that way,” she said.

“All these shifts that are open — these are shifts that a person should be in working.”Murray said there are still some factors that have to be worked out with the new policy.

Murray, who suffers from chronic back pain, remembers the day she was called in the backroom by her manager and told she was going to have to start lifting heavy boxes.“I said, ‘Hold up, I have a medical note in my file,’” Murray recalled. When she walked out of the meeting, an organizer handed her a card for a former campaign to make change at Walmart.“Right then and there, that’s what made me stand up,” she said. They started doing it to associates for a long time....

“So she throws an empty folder at me across the desk. I decided then that I was not going to stand by and let it happen.”Winning Against Walmart While there are many overarching issues for workers to address at Walmart, such as low wages, OUR Walmart organizers are also focusing on tackling other important policy changes one at a time."Still to this day, it’s about helping other associates in need.”Walmart’s ‘Downward Spiral’Murray has worked for Walmart for 14 years as a fitting room associate, but it wasn’t until about six years ago that she started seeing changes.“It wasn’t in the better direction, it was actually in a downward spiral,” she said.Community Q&A You're now on the WIC program and have received your first bundle of checks.This article will guide you through the different parts of the check and how to use one in a store.Store managers aren’t required to explain the new policies to workers — and many apparently are not — which means employees don’t always know about them.