Wachovia securities not liquidating funds

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Greenspring Fund is also available with a transaction fee through Pershing, Fiserv, and E*Trade.

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I will also address the lending and supervisory questions raised in the Commission's invitation letter.

“Market-timers” who engage in frequent purchases and redemptions of Fund shares over a short period can disrupt the Fund’s investment program by requiring the Fund to have excess cash on hand or to liquidate holdings to accommodate redemptions.

In addition, frequent purchases and redemptions may impede efficient Fund management and create additional transaction costs that are borne by all shareholders.

You may set up online access to your account by creating a Personal Identification Number (“PIN”).

In order to create a PIN, click on the “LOGIN” link found at the top of any Greenspring Fund web page.

The redemption fee may be modified or discontinued at any time, in which case, shareholders will be notified.

The redemption fee does not apply to shares acquired through the reinvestment of dividends or other distributions or shares redeemed pursuant to a systematic withdrawal plan or a mandatory IRA distribution. A medallion signature guarantee protects your account from fraud.You can obtain a signature guarantee from a bank, broker-dealer, credit union, any securities exchange or association, clearing agency, savings association or trust company.In compliance with Rule 22c-2 under the 1940 Act, Quasar Distributors, LLC, on behalf of the Fund, has entered into written agreements with each of the Fund’s financial intermediaries, under which the intermediaries must, upon request, provide the Fund with certain shareholder and identity trading information so that the Fund can enforce its frequent trading policies. Chairman Angelides, Vice Chairman Thomas, and members of the Commission, I am pleased to appear today to provide the Commission with information on the events leading up to the acquisition of Wachovia Corporation and its banking and nonbanking subsidiaries by Wells Fargo & Company in the fall of 2008.The fee is deducted from the seller’s redemption proceeds and deposited into the Fund to help offset brokerage commissions, market impact, and other costs associated with fluctuations in Fund asset levels and cash flow caused by short-term trading.

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