Very sedating

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Very sedating

You know those white dashed lines separating the lanes in a highway? Answer: _____________ Most people I ask say 3 feet. Your perspective is always driving at 60mph, so they look 3 feet long. And that’s the first problem in psychiatry: perspective.

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Remeron is a good choices for the management of insomnia.

But it is an unwanted side effect if you’re prone to daytime fatigue.

Conditions that can cause fatigue include fibromyalgia, depression, hypothyroidism and sleep apnea.

Some researchers think that Remeron ranks higher than other antidepressants for artificial reasons.

Sleep quality plays a big part in determining the HAMD score.

Sleep-wake dysregulation may be a core feature of depression. Does pre-existing insomnia contribute to the development of depression? While it remains unclear, Remeron ranks #1 because it is a dual sleep aid and antidepressant.

The Lancet is basing their antidepressant rankings on the HAMD – the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression.Since Remeron is a sleep aid, it has an edge over drugs that are pure antidepressants. It improves sleep architecture (the structure of sleep), and reduces sleep fragmentation.Remeron helps with both sleep initiation (falling asleep) and sleep maintenance (staying asleep).Other prescription medications used to treat insomnia include: Many alternatives to Remeron are linked to worrisome side effects like cognitive impairment.A quick inspection of Remeron's binding affinities gives a clue about why Remeron improves sleep quality and effectively treats insomnia.Thus, Remeron is not an ideal antidepressant for atypical depression.

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