Updating acrobat reader

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Updating acrobat reader

Considering the amount of unnecessary work that seems to go into having Acrobat Reader installed, perhaps I should find another alternative.

First off you’ll need a Group Policy Object (GPO) that applies to your computers that need to have the updater disabled.

There's a lot of folk wisdom that Adobe Acrobat Reader requires a reboot because of its Speed Launcher. Speed Launcher installs itself in the Windows Explorer "All Users" Startup folder.

Thus invoking it after installing it only requires that one log off and then log back on again.

If you’ve already upgraded, then you will have to use your backup to recover these files.

Keep in mind that the user interface of Acrobat DC is completely different than what you had with Acrobat XI, so plan for some serious hunting for tools that you could find blindfolded…

The alternative is to make sure that all instances of Explorer and IE are shut down (for all logged-in users) before running the installer.

If you block or stop the speedlauncher from running, you generally can ignore the restart request from the update app.

The tool search function on the right hand pane is our friend.

Like Adobe Reader X, an installation of Adobe Reader XI can check for updates automatically.

Edit: Any way to give half points to the two users that gave plausible explanations for this particular issue?

I'm under the impression a combination of both of these answers is the reason why the restart is required, unless anyone has additional knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes are an Adobe update.

You can now install these plug-ins, stamps, scripts, …

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