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Unmonitored online sex chat

Having the subject read a word list (WL) will elicit a formal register, but generally not as formal as MP.

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The study of language variation is concerned with social constraints determining language in its contextual environment.

Code-switching is the term given to the use of different varieties of language in different social situations.

William Labov is often regarded as the founder of the study of sociolinguistics.

During the IS the interviewer can converse with the subject and try to draw out of them an even more casual sort of speech by asking him to recall childhood memories or maybe a near death experience, in which case the subject will get deeply involved with the story since strong emotions are often attached to these memories.

Of course, the most sought after type of speech is the casual style (CS).

The most formal style would be elicited by having the subject read a list of minimal pairs (MP).

Minimal pairs are pairs of words that differ in only one phoneme, such as cat and bat.

Keith's mother, Winnie, died in 2012 without discovering where her son was buried, despite campaigning tirelessly to discover the truth.

Brady has been on hunger strike since 1999 and wants to be relocated to a Scottish prison so the authorities will no longer have the power to force-feed him and he can starve himself to death.

His last appeal was rejected by a tribunal in June 2013.

September 1999 - Brady goes on hunger strike after complaining about being forcibly removed from his room at the hospital to a new ward because of security concerns sparked by a patient on his old ward. July 3, 2012 - Brady suffers a seizure and spends several nights in hospital.

As the usage of a language varies from place to place, language usage also varies among social classes, and it is these sociolects that sociolinguistics studies.

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