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She directed the ACM India Studies Program in Pune four times. Through her extensive writing and speaking in India, the US, and Europe, she helped to connect the Dalit Movement to other movements against oppression.Eleanor generously gave of her time and attention to her students, colleagues, and friends around the world, offering love, advice, and often a bit of wry humor. Although she claimed she didn't “do religion,” she wrote beautifully about the saint-poets of Maharashtra, as well as the importance of Buddhism in the lives of the Dalits.

In the end the participants resolved to convey the following message to her family members, and to be read out on 17th and 19th.

Theresa and families Very sad to hear about Uncle Leo's passing. Our heartfelt condolences to you all, with much love and prayers, Mum, Dad, Karl/Delna, Ronnie and me, Cherie.

Not only world's perception on India but even Indians perception on India is also changing ever since this new Union Govt took over. When neighboring Countries can afford to sell petrol for Rs.30-35 range, Indian Govt is selling Petrol for about Rs.82/-Is it not for the benefit of looters and Refinery Majors?

" Truly, of all the ample praise and recognition given to my work in Islamabad between 20 it was Eleanor's "God bless you, Skyhawk!

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Amidst bomb blasts and bloodbaths that occurred not far from the campus my students read Ekanath, Tukaram, Mirabai, Baba Farid and Bulhe Shah.

Eleanor followed this project with great interest and at one point wrote "God bless you, Skyhawk!

Of equal value was Eleanor's unforgettable discussion with the Sikh scholar Pritam Singh, who had come from Patiala to Heidelberg to speak on the self-images of Sikhs at a time when words had to be chosen carefully and their shock waves measured accurately.

From 1988 to 2003 we met regularly at conferences on South Asian studies, literature.

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Dearest Aunty Lucy, Prenita, Pravin and Pradeep, A.

The participants expressed their mind and spoke of her place in their personal life.