Trolling american dating system

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Trolling american dating system

Kendall Larsen, Virnet X CEO and President, said, simply: "We are extremely pleased with the jury verdict....The jury agreed once again that Apple has been using the technology developed by our inventors." Apple, meanwhile, have called it a mistrial.

Such is the strength of feeling over patent trolls, it's easy to assume that anyone trying to defend their IT patent is the bad guy.The huge award against Apple, however, might be one of the last big paydays for patent trolls.The fightback began in earnest in 2014, when a decision of the US Supreme Court in the case of Alice Corp vs CLS Bank found in favour of CLS, which stood accused of infringing Alice's software patents; this decision appears to have had a marked effect on patent litigation."The overall trend suggests that judges in the Eastern District of Texas are applying [the Alice case] in a way that's far more favourable to patent owners," says Daniel Nazer, staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.Another theory is that jurors in this part of the world are more likely to line up behind David in any David vs Goliath contest; in other words, in the case of Apple vs Virnet X, Apple wouldn't stand a chance.Apple has been told to pay a hefty fine to a small company for patent infringement.

So why aren't we celebrating the victory of a 'David'?The IT industry suffers disproportionately from patent trolling, and many – including President Obama – have called for change.It's not just big corporations that suffer; indeed, by amassing collections of their own patents, larger firms have managed to partially insulate themselves with a kind of "mutual deterrent" arrangement."The Supreme Court doesn't offer clear and specific guidance; that's for the lower courts to do." Given this, why did the East Texas jury find Apple guilty of all charges?If your patent is being infringed across the US, in theory you have a choice of where you decide to sue, and certain courts are seen as more favourable to the patentee."But the definition of what constitutes a troll is difficult," says Davies.

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