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A photo of the shooters using the pistol sights would cause most of the face to be covered by the pistol and the shooter’s hands.After a few more minor details were discussed, Bennie “took charge” and began to set up the photo shoot.

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Sadly, Ray Chapman, Jeff Cooper and Jack Weaver are gone, and my fellow retired Deputy Sheriff Bob Torbett recently informed me that Bennie Ramsey has also passed away.Bennie later confided in me that once he had seen the finished photo, he wished he could have predicted that we would point so accurately that the 1911-A1 firing pin holes could be seen down the barrel, which indicated empty cartridge chambers and thus unloaded pistols.Considering how upset some of the modern day squeamish types have become over the finger in the trigger guard aspect of the picture, it’s probably best the pistols had been completely unloaded.He positioned everything to take full advantage of the afternoon sun.Bennie told us that with our full cooperation he was certain he could produce the high quality photograph that we all desired.Actually, Ray and I were almost the same height, approximately 6 feet.

Jack, at the far right was the tallest of the five at about 6’ 3” but he appears much taller than Jeff, when in fact he was only about an inch taller.

Since Bennie had standby duty on the weekend of the pistol match, it took only Sheriff Joseph O’Connor’s permission for Bennie to attend the match.

I arranged to have Bennie take a picture of the five of us after the match, which gave me time to discuss the details with him.

Ray, Thell and Jack are wearing Andy rigs while Jeff and I are using Alfonso’s.

Earlier in the day Jeff had been wearing a shoulder holster but fortunately he switched to the Alfonso before the pictures were taken.

The third thing he asked of us was to stand at about a 45 degree angle with our pistols held in the point position, but not too far from the body.

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