Tell me something interesting about yourself dating

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I won a contest and my design is getting put in the new Hydro Thunder DLC 9.

-I like burritos -I get insanity moments for about 3 seconds sometimes. 7: I prefer the old Medal of Honor games like Rising Sun and Frontlines to the older Call of Duty games like 2 and 3.

2) I have 10 goldfishes 3) I start to jump around when I'm bored 4) I get bored very easily 5) My favorite colour is Midnight Blue 6) I despise High-School snobs.

7) I row 8) I hate MTV 9) I listen to Classical Music 10) My brother just step on a piece of crap 3 hours ago...

Wikipedia says "Transsexualism is when an individual identifies with a gender that is different from their biological sex. The depression is mostly caused by point 5 and the like. The depression is mostly caused by point 5 and the like. Did you know Partial insomnia is very heavily linked with Aspergers syndrome?

As far as i know it is not the same, those the different words. Muscle damage, well then that has to be crap and crappier, well because I don't work out that much, although today I tore a muscle and it still hurts to walk. I'm so masterful, I can, I dunno, get you free tickets to.... call me Marty because nobody calles me "themaster".

10: I do not have XBox Live 9: My Favorite Anime Character is Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach 8: I have a Youtube Account that doesn't have any videos on it at the moment.

I dislike the idiots at school who just sit in class, watching the time go by, waiting 'till they can drop out. I suffer from OCD, Aspergers, Color Blindness in my Right Eye, Chronic Muscle Damage, Dysgraphia, Depression and Partial Insomnia. I did not start to listen to Music before i was 16. Sometimes I picture myself strangling my neighbor if she wasn't so cute. it's hard to be open minded around my chick friends that like to talk about gay and pedo anime. I believe in reincarnation as god evicting you from heaven 10. Though i think the definition is one who wants to be a girl instead, based on personal identity emotions. I always just gone with the approach of never denying myself who i am, or think i am. I have read all of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. I live in Middlesbrough, a small town in the arse-end of the British coast. I am known in school for my rather objective and 'amoral' view points on disasters, governments, benefits and such.