Taylor swift dating rumours

04-Nov-2016 23:36 by 5 Comments

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Taylor is recently single after her whirlwind romance with Tom Hiddleston, while Drake is no longer romantically associated with singer Rihanna.

"If Drake and Taylor Swift are dating, 2017 will be filled with the most depressing ass breakup songs ever created," one person tweeted. It’s reported that the two were spotted looking rather “cozy” at Drake’s 30th birthday party over the weekend.The same party a messy Drake invited John Mayer and Katy Perry to attend and they did. Now you’re up to date for the next time someone asks, “What the hell’s going on with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, yo?!“Seeing Taylor Swift in person is always fun for me," Drake told “Extra’s” AJ Calloway backstage at the 52nd Grammy Awards."I bought this Taylor Swift T-shirt the other day that I might wear tonight.If you’re not up on your popstar beef, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift hate each other. ” While at the party, Drake reportedly introduced Taylor to his lovely mother Sandi Graham and even introduced her to his OVO friends.

However, TMZ says the two aren’t dating and that they’re just good friends and have been since 2013.According to Page Six, Drake and Swift "were intimately flirting, talking closely and laughing, The only person he spent more time with other than his mom was Taylor." TMZ pushed back against this report, claiming that while Drake introduced Swift to his mother, they are just friends.It sounds like Drake is still officially an eligible bachelor, although we wouldn't put it past him to make a strong play for Swift.Still, the very thought of Drake and Taylor (Draylor? ) being together is a concept most folks can’t seem to wrap their heads around.“Y’all really believe Drake would go from Rihanna to Taylor Swift? Y’all hate him that much that you would believe some sh*t like that,” tweeted a Drake Taylor non-believer.Whether there is any truth to the out-of-this-world claim or not, Twitter predictably exploded with reactions.