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When ordering a Delmonico, please tell your server what size you would like: 8-10 ounce small appetite, 11-17 ounce for medium hunger, 18 ounces and up for the large appetite Please note: any Delmonico or NY Strip above 18 oz. ==================== FILET The most tender steak of all.

I was dreaming about Kung Pao Chicken for many nights before the competition-listing the different steps in my mind.MEDIUM-WELL: Good crust, cooked LIGHT BROWN all the way through.WELL-DONE: Sturdy small crust, no color, no juice, dried-out. T-BONE STEAK This steak is actually two-steaks-in-one, a filet on one side of the bone and a strip on the other side.Walking amidst the tourist frenzy of Times Square is challenging enough, let alone cooking there. Well that's exactly what I did on September 27th, 2012.NTD Television (New Tang Dynasty) serves more than 100 million potential viewers in China and around the world.Please refer to the size recommendations listed under the Delmonico Steak.

==================== DELMONICO Often called the "rib-eye", Delmonico is generally known for its richness and flavor, This steak has a higher fat content than other steaks, especially toward the "tail' end; however, by removing this or any fat, flavor will be lost.

If you want more filet, we suggest ordering two steaks. Because it is impossible to cut each steak exactly, please allow a variance of minus 2 ounces.

For steaks ordered over 24 ounces, please allow for a variance of up to minus 4 ounces.

Founded by Chinese Americans, and rooted in traditional Chinese culture, NTD serves as a unique bridge between the East and the West.

They are committed to keeping the culture alive and well and with this in mind, they organized a very unique competition "Fire Up The Wok", a competitive cooking exhibition with five top chefs from the United States, cooking outdoors in the heart of Times Square.

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