Synonym for reducing or consolidating

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Synonym for reducing or consolidating - updating maps for gps

When the lungs are fully expanded this pressure may be as great as −9 mm Hg.Under normal conditions, however, the intrapleural pressure fluctuates between −4 and −6 mm Hg.

If a lesion causes a break in the alveolar membranes, air enters the pleural cavity through the break and produces pneumothorax.The external intercostal muscles provide flexibility to the thoracic cage and allow more room for lung expansion by elevating the anterior end of each rib, thereby increasing the anterior-posterior diameter of the chest wall.Deflation of the lungs is chiefly a passive maneuver.Relief of pneumothorax and collapse of the lung from accumulations of either air or fluids within the pleural space may be provided by aspiration of the air or fluid from the thoracic cavity (.The air brought to the lungs is filtered, moistened, and warmed on its way along the respiratory tract but it can nevertheless bring irritants and infectious organisms, and when the body resistance is low for any reason the lungs may suffer diseases of some seriousness.Other functions include filtration of blood, serving as reservoirs to store blood, and playing a role in metabolic activities. The lungs are made of elastic tissue filled with interlacing networks of tubes and sacs carrying air, and with blood vessels carrying blood. The alveoli are surrounded by a network of capillaries.

Through the thin membranes of the capillaries, the air and blood make their exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

A lung abscess may also follow a period of excessive drinking by an alcoholic.

Infected matter that has been aspirated (usually in a drunken stupor) may lodge in a bronchiole and produce inflammation.

When a lung abscess forms, it is in the acute stage and treatment with antibiotics usually is effective.

may be prescribed to assist in drainage of exudate from lungs and bronchioles. If the abscess becomes chronic, surgery may be necessary and usually involves removal of the portion of the lung containing the cancer malignant growths of the lung.

As the lungs are compressed and distended by the respiratory muscles, the pressure within the alveoli (intra-alveolar pressure) rises and falls.

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