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At a fairground in rural Northern Ireland, Provisional IRA volunteer Fergus (Stephen Rea) and a unit of other IRA members, including a woman named Jude (Miranda Richardson) and led by Maguire (Adrian Dunbar), kidnap Jody (Forest Whitaker), a black British soldier, after Jude lures him to a secluded area with the promise of sex.

Simmons as Howard Silk, "a lowly cog in a bureaucratic agency, who discovers that the agency he works for is really guarding a crossing into a parallel dimension," a press release explained.With his IRA companions seemingly dead after the attack, Fergus flees to London, where he takes a job as a day labourer, using the alias "Jimmy".A few months later, Fergus finds Dil at a hair salon.The Crying Game is a 1992 thriller film written and directed by Neil Jordan.The film explores themes of race, gender, nationality, and sexuality against the backdrop of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.According to Box Office Mojo, 24 2016 releases topped the 0 million mark in domestic ticket sales.

A couple - Disney/Pixar's animated Finding Dory and the Marvel Universe installment Captain America: Civil War (also from Disney) - topped 0 million.A few days later, he leaves her a note and the two make up.Despite everything, Fergus is still attracted to Dil.She unties him, saying that, even if he is lying, it is nice to hear his words. Meanwhile, Jude and Maguire gun the judge down, but Maguire is shot dead by one of the bodyguards.A vengeful Jude enters Dil's flat with a gun, seeking to kill Fergus for missing the assassination.Jody persuades Fergus to promise to seek out his girlfriend Dil (Jaye Davidson) in London should Jody be killed.