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Left home alone, she gets bored and flips on the TV.A Coke commercial proves traumatizing, triggering a flashback to having her brainwaves measured while mind-crushing a can of Coke under Brenner’s instructions.

She's certain it's Will and freaks out, but the fuse blows and she's knocked to the floor. Finally, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin decide to ride off on their bikes to join the search party. It's even creepier when their flashlights settle on a soaking wet Eleven in the woods. Bad guys with guns are after her, so the new plan is to skip school and dazzle Elle with La-Z-Boy recliners. Unfortunately, Mike's mom comes home and Elle has to hide in the closet (another flashback! The incident triggers a flashback in which she's being dragged into a dark cell at the lab, all the while screaming for "Papa," a.k.a. Meanwhile, Joyce is leaning in at the grocery store where she works, negotiating a free phone and a two-week advance. They're not down with Elle's presence, and Lucas is about to rat her out to Mike's mom when Elle busts out her telekinetic mind mojo. Barb has no interest in coming to Steve's "low-key" party, but Nancy won't hear it. After dinner, Elle uses the Dungeons & Dragons board to show that Will is hiding in the dark from some sort of monster.It's time to head home, so Will and Dustin race each other back on their bikes. He sees an alien-esque figure, causing him to steer off the road and fall.Ominous animal noises send him racing back to his house, which is empty save for a barking dog.It’s finally sinking in that something has happened to Barb.But first Nancy has to deal with the fact that Jonathan has been discovered developing photos of her sexploits in the dark room.An alarm sounds as a man in a lab coat runs for his life in what appears to be either the worst dressing room on the planet, or an abandoned set.

The lights flicker as the man rushes to the elevator, which apparently doesn't have that all-important "close door" button.Joyce enlists the help of Police Chief Hopper, but he brushes her off with a reminder that this is a town where garden gnome thievery is regarded as a major crime. All they can really offer up is some -related intel about where he was last seen. Meanwhile, Mike's older sister Nancy is making out with Steve Harrington, whose hair rivals Trump's in ridiculousness. Eleven, as the girl is known thanks to her strange tattoo, uses her mind to fix the noisy fan behind his back. He calls a search party for the boy, during which point we learn that Hopper's daughter, Sarah, died a few years ago.He mansplains that 99 out of 100 times, the kid comes back unharmed. She and Steve are later seen canoodling in her bedroom as "Africa" plays. Back at the burger joint, Benny welcomes a woman who introduces herself as Connie from Social Services.even though it won't come out for another three and a half years.More pressing, however, is the shit going down in the Hawkins National Laboratory, run by the Department of Energy.Her wound seeps blood into the pool, the lights flicker, and that creepy monster thing goes in for the kill. She’s convinced that Will is trying to speak to her through the lights.

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