Standard tables validating data fields

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Data Value: A data entity is initialized with default values and by using any custom logic that is present in entity-level init Value.

To skip validate Delete for all back-end tables for a data entity, a consumer can call Data Data Source Validate Delete(Boolean _skip).Entities are backed by tables (data sources), and validations are defined for these tables at both the field level (Table.validate Field()) and the record level (Table.validate Write()).The validations are respected by data entities that are built by using those tables.Back-end table, or data source, validations are fired automatically as a part of the CUD operations. Validate Field, Allow Edit, Allow Edit On Create Field-level validations are fired automatically when you perform inserts or updates on the data entity. These validations occur during the mapping process, when fields are mapped from an entity to individual data sources.After the field values from the data entity are copied to mapped data source fields, field validations are run on the set fields.The following code example shows the first validation rule in the This rule ensures that the Order ID field contains an order number.

If Order ID field is blank, a message box appears with the message specified in the Error Description parameter.To skip validate Field for a back-end table, a consumer can call Data Data Source Validate Field(Int _Data Entity Field Id, Boolean _skip).Note that the field ID for this method is the field ID of the data-entity mapped field, not the back-end table field.Finally, validation checks whether any error occurred during the validation process for any of the data sources.If there was an error, the process errors out at this point, and table-level validate Write() isn’t called.To skip entity-level init Value for all back-end tables for a data entity, a consumer can call Data Data Source Init Value(Boolean _skip).

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