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They include lutenizing hormone, or LH, which is involved in ovulation and the secretion of oestrogen, and follicle-stimulating hormone, or FSH, which regulates the production of sperm.

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This is part of the brain's ability to prioritise blood flow.Almost every part of the body, from the brain and heart to the stomach and blood, is either involved in love making or affected by it.Not only is a regular sex life good for physical fitness - a typical session will burn between 200 and 400 calories - it also helps ward off disease by boosting the immune system.HORMONES These are the chemical messengers that power the sex drive and are put into the blood by the endocrine glands.Each hormone has a specific job and circulates in the blood until it is picked up by a receptor cell on its target so that is can deliver its message.Such blood pressure changes can lead to coitus headache in men.

Regular lovemaking can result in a lowering of the pulse rate, helping the heart become more efficient.Muscle tension throughout the body increases during lovemaking.Exercises and improved blood flow build up the muscles.Pheromones are also carried on the saliva and breath, and secretion increases before and during lovemaking.Once a pleasurable response to a pheromone has been triggered, it remains part of your arousal armoury for life.NOSE The sense of smell is heightened during lovemaking in order to detect pheromones, the so-called sex smells that are unique to an individual.

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