Speed dating ottawa

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Speed dating ottawa - real life dating 101

Fast-forward to the night of the event, and after many phone calls on what to wear and what questions to ask, Christine and I met up at Union Station feeling both excited and nervous.When we walked into the event venue, Christine and I were greeted by energetic hosts who gave us a piece of paper with two columns: One for the successful dates and the other for the, uh, failures.

She had signed up for a free trial almost three years ago and had never actually used the dating site.

Saying, “Yes,” would mean that we’d further our conversations with the selected winners outside of the event.

Should our selections also have said, “Yes,” to us, we were to be connected to this person via e-mail.

Join us for this rapid-paced, energetic, open and collaborative networking session with a twist.

Participants (open data enthusiasts and developers) will be matched with Open Data owners (Curators) from across the federal, provincial/territorial and municipal governments for a series of rapid one-on-one conversations.

They host multiple events for various ages and sexual orientations. When I picked up, I could hear Christine saying, “What did we just do???

” For two weeks leading up to the speed dating event, we remained in shock.If you are interested in participating as a Curator, please pre-register* by sending an email to [email protected] the subject line and the following information: Name Title Organization Address Telephone Number Email Address URL of your Website of Blog Yes, if you are an Open Data entrepreneur who wants to learn more, ask questions, challenge, provide ideas and take away innovative concepts on how to use Open Data.Two weeks ago, my friend, let’s call her Christine, and I decided to do something we had never done before: Speed dating.Whether it’s mobile apps, websites, or other creative uses, we understand that finding and understanding Canadian and international open data can be a challenge.This Speed Dating event will provide the ideal match-making opportunity for Open Data owners and developers, with a focus on Canadian data.On the back of this sheet, we were encouraged to write notes on the people we were “dating,” like their names, their features and even any annoying habits we might have noticed right off the bat…