Single parent dating site seattle single

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Single parent dating site seattle single

Until it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of dating. That’s an awful lot of single parents — sad, to be sure — but also an awful lot of like-minded potential friends, allies and — dare we hope? And we do dare hope: Census figures show that more than half of men (52 percent) and 44 percent of women over the age of 25 who are divorced end up getting remarried. “A lot of my single friends are just dying to get remarried,” says Mia*, a Mercer Island mother of three.

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“My friends would say, ‘Maybe you’re being too picky!

Dating wasn’t a slam-dunk for Mia — she went out on about 10 failed first dates — but found that even with a job and three kids underfoot, the dating process was interesting, and even fun.

“I met a lot of people I would never have met otherwise,” Mia says of her experience.

“I got to meet a guy who is a federal marshal, and a lot of other interesting people.

A lot of my married girlfriends love listening to my stories,” Mia says. Try doing what local family and sex therapist Diana Wiley, Ph.

When writing your profile, include specifics that give a snapshot of who you are, says Seattle family therapist Laura Kastner, Ph. “Most people who start the ‘part-time job’ of this process think it’s a good thing to get a lot of interested parties,” Kastner says.

“Actu­ally, this may mean that you have allowed yourself to be too attractive, which will yield a lot of winks and bids, but also means you have to do a lot of screening.” Once you’ve screened and selected a couple of promising candidates, plan to meet in a public place for just an hour — “and have back-up plans,” says Wiley. ” Coffee or a glass of wine is enough for a first date, Wiley says.

“Divorce is the death of a relationship, and the death of dreams and expectations; you have to start over.

I think one needs to be separated and divorced for the better part of a year and do this work.

After weeks of online flirtation and, let’s face it, investigation, there’s no escaping this awful, exciting, unnerving event: your first date. Every day, hundreds of newly single parents reenter the dating scene after a long (to put it mildly) hiatus.

You spent ages on your outfit — hot, without trying too hard, definitely slimming.

“I like to say to my clients, ‘Get out of your head and pay attention to the sensual side of life.’” Savor meals while sitting down with your kids, suggests Wiley, not standing up; don’t wait for a special occasion to buy flow­ers; listen to music you love instead of the news; play with your kids. But one local mom offers a word of caution about consulting married friends.

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