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They were shown to be suffering during the bad times and enjoying the good times.

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This movie is very exact with the times 60's and very heart felt... So, If you are a women watching this movie for the first time be prepared to Cry, Laugh, & sometimes flintch...Kathy Bates(Frances Lacey)also "Misery'90), performed outstanding acting skills as a wonderful mother who just plain loved her children more than herself and was able to warm the hearts of many people she encountered, especially, Soo-Tek-Oho who owned a broken down shack and a few acres of land, which turned out to be a great Mansion for her children Edward Furlong(Shayne Lacey),"Three Blind Mice " Clarissa Lassig(Lynn Lacey) and a few more children.This film will warm your heart and soul and will definitely make you shed a tear or two.They're poor, and on a lurch, pack up and leave their dumpy apartment in L. You see (feel) the struggles of a parent, a mother, and not only that, but a single parent and mother of 5 children who has practically no money.You see the relationships between siblings and between the children and their mother.A very believable plot and great acting throughout, this is a must-see movie.

The narrator of this story is supposedly the 13 year old, oldest son of the family the film is about, and he starts out by saying it's all true. Lacey, the mother to 5 children, the widow of an Irish Catholic SOB, as she repeatedly refers to him. They end up in Idaho, working for a Japanese man who's also a widow, making a home out of a shack on his land.The Mother is a very prideful person that has a lot of hopes and dreams and that sometimes get's in the way of her children's lives...This is also a story of Courage, Hope, And family Values... One couldn't help but root for the family and their drive to have a home called their own.One of the sons discovers a junk yard on the way home on the schoolbus and ends up making many visits, scavenging various items for the house, pulling it all the way home on a make-shift wagon.As someone else already commented, the Christmas morning scene is poignant, as is the ending of the film. We were not as poor as the Lacey's, but some of our Christmas's were skimpy.At the beginning the narrator states that it is a true story. As usual, Kathy Bates is outstanding in her performance.