Shin min ah and top dating

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Shin min ah and top dating

Though both stars have been incredibly secretive about meeting up, it appears they weren't slick enough to hide from Dispatch cameras.In other news, Shin Min Ah will be starring in KBS' 'Oh My God'. [Update: Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah's agencies have confirmed the reports.] Congrates to Woobin and Minah.

Lets see how long these two will remain lovers as VIPers start harassing Shin Minah for dating their idol. (Source: of Big Bang and their management agency, YG Entertainment have swiftly stepped out in response to news that broke earlier today that T. P and Shim Min Ah was an item, claming its nothing but a big fat LIE. Since the story broke this morning, Big Bang fans has been voicing their opinions all day, Cant believe this.

That’s basically the stuff that popped up again thanks to a blind item on a TV show and some basic netizen detective work. He was very popular among female celebrities, but a top star B could control A. P and Shin Min Ah dating thing was big news at the time, and I figured it was true after the photos emerged.

And after all this, he went home after after feeling fatigue and took medicine. himself expressed, “It was just an accumulation of fatique due to album preparation and having a few drink at my birthday party. Of course, upon hearing this, one would think people might feel bad for him… [ 25, -12] Long-term fans all know TOP’s personalities. You can sometimes see it on the broadcast and he uses it in his lyrics a lot. I just want to like his outside image but it only makes me frustrated when he shows the inside ㅋㅋ It’s so tiring to live like TOP ㅋㅋ They’re making him work when he wants to die. The bad cycle keeps on repeating ㅋㅋ His suicide news were during Sunset Glow, when Bigbang was performing on music shows. And while I think it does have legs to it, I’m not exactly sure what the significance is supposed to be other than to troll those involved.

Fortunately, A was found by his manager and the incident was wrapped up without any problem. There has been a lot of wondering by fans on TOP‘s elder sister Choi Hye Yoon‘s minihompy if Big Bang TOP‘s admission into the hospital on 5th November was due to suicidal thoughts. was admitted to Heuk Seok Dong University Hospital and in the intensive care ward. His personalities are great if he’s just a light friend that you joke with. If he’s concerned or hurt, he never shares or shows it.

A bluntly told B, “I can’t date you since you’re getting beaten up! Whenever he got drunk, he texted B but B strictly refused A’s appeal. A came to do a critical act – he tried committing suicide. How that matters besides to piss off fangirls who care about this type of shit? Then rumors of a suicide attempt started, and of all places, people went to his sister to ask about it.

And frantic fans have went on to TOP‘s sister’s minihompy asking if TOP‘s ‘suicidal thoughts’ were true. It got to a point where both YG Entertainment and T. Furthermore on his birthday on the 4th, he went out drinking even though he usually cannot hold his liquor well. Not sure I believe it 100%, but it certainly has a lot more to it than your typical netizen fanfiction-esque stories. On the outside, he pretends as funny and carefree like bingu, but on the inside, he’s full of random thoughts and is pessimist. He tries hard to control himself but his two-faced personalities are too strong. So yeah, that’s the current rumor being brought back from the dead thanks to a blind item.

Media has also speculated about this possibility since it was discovered that TOP has taken a month’s worth of medicine on 5th November in his Seoul Ma Po Goo Hap Jung Dong home. A representative of YG Entertainment said, “TOP was already down with flu on 5th November, and he was working overnight until 4am in the morning doing recording. Normally I would just dismiss this, but the police confirming that he did basically take a bottle of pills makes it credible, and when you pair that with his admittedly dark and moody persona, and it all sort of makes sense. He ends up causing an accident after suffering himself.

She then took on a supporting role in Kim Jee-woon's noir film A Bittersweet Life, reuniting her with previous co-star Lee Byung-hun.

Known for being a professional actress, she learned the cello for three months to lend realism to her scenes in A Bittersweet Life, and picked up the sign language and interacted with the deaf to better portray her character in Sad Movie.

Big Bangs TOP (21) and actress Shin Minah (24) have been together for over three months and they managed to keep their relationship under wraps from the VIPers who live outside Big Bangs apartment until Sports Seoul broke the news. P and Shim Min Ah management agencies have both issued statements to the media denying that any of this reported scandal was true by any accounts.

The stalkerazzis at Sports Seoul reported that these two were an item after they witnessed Shin Minah picking up TOP the Big Bang dormitory and TOP visiting Shin Minahs apartment numerous times over past three weeks. Another group of netizens however gave their thumbs up, If the scandal is true, the guy is suave and the girl is pretty, they are really compatible actually. YG Entertainment said in an interview with SPN Edaily, Big Bang has been busy with their activities, thus this scandal is bordering on the ridiculous.

It's rumored that they've been dating now for around two months.

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