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All applications submitted by mail must be sent via an envelope with a TRACKING NUMBER. Citizens are required to obtain a visa to enter Ethiopia, whether for business or tourism. This means that you can travel to Ethiopia without a visa and apply for one at Bole International Airport. The application must also include a self-addressed prepaid FEDEX, UPS, or USPS EXPRESS MAIL return envelope.

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Van Ness-UDC Metro Station on the red line of the Metro system is the closest station to the Embassy of Ethiopia.

The form should be printed and mailed to the embassy or it should be presented in person at the embassy with the proper payment in the form of a money order.

Eritrean and foreign nationals of Eritrean origin should also complete this Additional Visa Application Form (PDF File).

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Those who seek services in person at the Embassy: Monday - Friday a.m. To talk to consular officers on the phone: Monday - Friday p.m.

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