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Here we sought to establish whether attractive bodies signal low FA to observers, and, if so, which aspects of attractive bodies are most predictive of lower FA.We used a 3D optical body scanner to measure FA and to isolate size and shape characteristics in a sample of 77 individuals (40 males and 37 females).

[…]Since the beginning of aviation, thousands of planes have crashed, but sometimes when an air disaster strikes, pilots can react on time and prevent the final catastrophe.

If data were complete and populations were measured at the same time for each country and the respective cities then the ratio would be 1.

# Note: This query shows some not-so-easy nesting of DISTINCT (don't count any company twice) and aggregate, in combination with arithmetic output evaluation functions. These queries help to maintain the data quality of Wikidata.

You must select your driver and finish track in top 3 in order to qualify for the next challenging level. You can choose between 3 different difficulty modes. The year is 1941, world war 2 is starting and you’re an ally pilot in deep shit 🙂 This is an arcade style shooter. Also, the big news is: Free falling is back 🙂 You can hold a space bar button to call self-destruct timer at any time.

You don’t need to press button to shoot, and let’s face it, you’ll be shooting the whole time so it makes much sense […]Paper Planes Game is fast paper airplane game in which you must move fast while shooting obstacles. You need to outsmart the enemy aircrafts, get at their tails and shoot them. Controls Mouse controls, with some keyboard shortcuts (mouseover buttons to see)This sequel of well known game provides lots of new items and new mission system (150 missions). Enjoy your […]During a history of military aviation there were some interesting events.

#Interesting maintenance query that shows the relative prominence of a country's current (living) population on Wikidata.

The query tends to time out when using all countries at once, but it might be possible to get the figures for each individual country by using uncommenting the line as indicated below Lists for each country the population and the total of the populations of all cities of this country.

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