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Which leads me to believe some people ARE replying and scammers ARE getting what they want. And since the same scammers use different numbers each time, you'll be blocking a lot of numbers. AT&T asks you to forward the spam message to short code 7726 (SPAM). don't respond to the texts or you will likely get many more. But, it lasts 90 days and then you have to re-enter the number.

If you haven't received one of these annoying texts, you know someone who has.

You answer the text, it leads to another site, and scammers get information they can later abuse.

They will then investigate, though it doesn't say that will automatically block the text message number.

The new heavy division will have some 3,000 fewer soldiers than are found in the current 1 8,000-strong division, and will field one armored and two mechanized infantry brigades, each with three battalions.

Army officials said the new design will make Army divisions leaner and more mobile, yet more lethal.

The Army Experimentation Campaign Plan will continue Force XXI's philosophy of organizing the force around information and informa- tion technologies. Ray Whitehead Managing Editor: Lou Walker Production Editor: Steve Harding Art Director: Helen Hall Van Hoose Senior Editor: Gil High Associate Editor: SFC John Brenci Photo Editor: SSgt.

The new division will make extensive use of digital communications technologies to speed the exchange of information among all operational levels. John Valceanu Photojournalism Heike Hasenauer Associate Art Director: Randolph Thomas Associate Art Director: Paul Henry Crank Executive Secretary: Joseph T.Tins has been a busy year that has included everything from major unit rotations in Bosnia to short-notice deploy- ments to Southwest Asia, from constant vigilance along the Korean demilitarized zone to humanitarian assistance to Honduras. John Valceanu Photojournalist: Heike Hasenauer Assistant Art Director: Randolph Thomas Associate Art Director: Paul Henry Crank Executive Secretary: Joseph T.But the one constant has been the quality of the Total Army team: the soldiers — active, Guard and Reserve — Department of the Army civilians, and their families. Marsden Year in Review HE NATO Stabilization Force that had monitored the cease- fire in Bosnia-Herzegovina since December 1995 was replaced in June 1998 by a smaller follow-on force.r.:- ~ * &&**& Arm j I nl lie -V ■ m *m d JANUARY 1999 Year in Review ORCE XXI — the Army's campaign to understand and develop those capabilities needed to meet the challenges of the 2 1 st century while fulfilling today's operational demands — continued to forge ahead during 1998.Based on data gathered during a series of advanced warfighting experi- ments at Fort Hood, Texas, and Fort Irwin, Calif., from 1994-97, the Army announced in June that it would adopt a new division design.Kcimer General, I nited States Armv Chief of Staff ouis Caldera Secretary of the Armv I ■■■ ■ i JANUARY 1999 VOLUME 54, NO. ARMY MAGAZINE Secretary of the Army: Louis Caldera Chief of Staff: Gen. In October the Fort Hood, Texas- based 1st Cavalry Division assumed responsibility for Task Force Eagle — the main Army element of U. forces in Bosnia — from the Germany-based 1st Armored Div. This number was down considerably from the nearly 20,000 American military personnel in Bosnia during the 1996 height of NATO operations in the war-torn former Yugoslav republic. Div., Texas Army National Guard, to assume the Task Force Eagle mission in 1999.