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I worked with British Airways, BT and other firms to see whether people would buy goods and services through computers.

Perhaps the line won’t really be blurred at all: people will readily continue to distinguish between robots and people, or perhaps the drift will all be the other way: no humans being treated as machines, but one or two machines being treated with a fondness and sentiment they don’t really merit?You’d think that if confusion were to arise it would be far more likely and much more dangerous in the case of chat-bots or other machines whose typical interactions were relatively intellectual. My soggy conclusion is that things are far more complex than the campaign takes them to be, and a blanket ban is not really an appropriate response.n 1988, before the internet arrived in anybody’s house, I helped lead Britain’s first study of e-commerce – what was then known as ‘teleshopping’.We’ve talked once or twice about the ethics of killbots; from thanatos we move inevitably to eros and the ethics of sexbots.Details of some of the thinking behind the campaign are set out in this paper by Kathleen Richardson of De Montfort University.It’s not clear that prostitutes are always simply treated as objects: in fact they are notoriously required to fake the emotions of a normal sexual relationship, at least temporarily, in most cases (we could argue about whether that actually makes the relationship better or worse).

Nor is prostitution simple or simply evil: it comes in many forms from many prostitutes who are atrociously trafficked, blackmailed and beaten, through those who regard it as basically another service job, through to some few idealistic practitioners who work in a genuine therapeutic environment.

In principle there are several reasons we might think that sex with robots was morally dubious.

We can put aside, for now at least, any consideration of whether it harms the robots emotionally or in any other way, though we might need to return to that eventually.

It’s not a ‘super-intelligent’ machine that we should worry about, but ‘the hardware, software and data we willingly add to every day’.

From this, we can only conclude that all-seeing, all-dancing sexbots are only a step away.

This hypothetical process resembles the way some young men these days are disparagingly described as “porn-educated” because their expectations of sex and a sexual relationship have been shaped and formed exclusively by what we used to call blue movies.

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