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The award will be presented to the DPU at the Annual Member Meeting on December 21, 2016.During 2008-2009, the DPU's system average interruption duration index (SAIDI) reached an all-time high of over 300 minutes.

Through effective distribution engineering, the development of an electric reliability plan, adoption of an asset management team and tireless efforts of DPU staff, in September 2016, the DPU realized a SAIDI of only 19 minutes, the lowest value since DPU began tracking. One was arrested on a magistrate court bench warrant.One was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. This year Bandelier National Monument will offer ranger-guided walks to observe possible solstice markers among the Ancestral Pueblo dwellings in Frijoles Canyon.One was arrested for aggravated assault against a household member. A juvenile was arrested on the charge of distributing marijuana, released to parents and referred to the JPO. On December 21, winter solstice, the Sunrise Walk will meet at AM in front of the Visitor Center, and the Sunset Walk at .Phase 3 of this popular trail is in the early concept stages to extend the trail from Smith's Marketplace - it could possibly stay on the canyon edge until 20th Street and then link into the downtown area and further west to the Nature Center. Tuesday December 20, 2016 The Department of Public Utilities requests your assistance in determining the public's level of interest in a Community Solar Garden. Go to to learn more about the bond porojects.Please take a few minutes to respond to the five question survey located on the county website. DPU will use this information to prepare a feasibility study for possible consideration to add a Community Solar Garden to the County's energy generation portfolio. 20, the Council will hear an update from the County's consultant (Dekker Perrich Sabatini) on operating and maintenance costs for the proposed eight recreation projects - and then the Council plans to discuss and could take action on the projects, which are slated to go to a bond election in 2017. Friday December 16, 2016 The Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities was selected by Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) as a recipient of its 2016 System Improvement Award, which recognizes member utilities for undertaking system upgrades, capital improvements and preventative maintenance measures to modernize electric distribution facilities to improve system reliability, reduce losses, reduce outage times and/or improve power quality.This Tech Hire designation shows that Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico have the partners, employers, training providers, and the civil leadership support needed to implement and scale tech job opportunities for everyone Community Learning Network, a Santa Fe-based nonprofit dedicated to “building communities through real-life learning,” submitted the original Tech Hire proposal and is leading the regional Tech Hire initiative. For those with trash collection on Mondays, put your roll carts at the curb the following Wednesdays instead (Wed. For hours of operation for other County facilities, which may include abbreviated hours on Dec. The streetlights will be turned off Friday, December 23rd and will be restored on Tuesday, December 27th.

The goal is to train more than 500 students (of all ages) by 2020 for high-demand tech jobs with regional Tech employers such as Los Alamos National Laboratory, Open Eye Scientific Software, EMR-Bear, and Descartes Labs. Monday December 26, 2016 Closed for the Christmas Holiday! The Eco Station and Overlook Convenience Center will be closed on Christmas Day (Dec. The Traffic & Streets Division requests that all vehicles and trailers be moved to off street parking during the full period that lights will be off.A juvenile was arrested for minor in possession of alcohol. There was a report of identity theft There was a report of fraud. There were 3 reports of burglary from a vehicle or other structure. These times may sound strange, but the 400-foot canyon walls make a big difference in the first and last times of the day that the sun appears as seen from the canyon bottom.The walks will be postponed to the following day if the sky is overcast.All school board candidates must report to the town clerk’s office Dec. Friday December 10, 2016 The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) announced today a 59-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman, both from Mc Kinley County, have been confirmed to have hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS).These are the seventh and eighth cases of HPS in New Mexico in 2016. Hantavirus infection is a deadly disease transmitted by infected rodents through urine, droppings or saliva. Wednesday December 7, 2016 Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.Wednesday January 4, 2017 In March 2015, President Obama launched the Tech Hire initiative based on the simple idea that building a pipeline of tech talent can bring new jobs to local economies, facilitate business growth, and give local residents a pathway into the middle class.

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