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From the beginning, as chaos has swirled around her, Debbie has been defined by a strong motherly instinct and a desire for close familial connections.

But while older brothers Lip, the bipolar Ian, and hood wannabe Carl all dip into the criminal, Debbie was Fiona’s rock – always kind, caring, and the one in the family she could count on when everyone else failed her.After naming the girl Frances, in honor of their deadbeat dad Frank, Debbie left in an ambulance.Fiona offered to come along, but Debbie, having fought for her independence throughout this season, refused.She has sacrificed and suffered, made mistakes and also been heroic, and now that the kids are growing, her thanks, as with many parents, has been for them to rebel. Macy, is a practiced con artist, perfectly able to make people believe he’s serving their interests when he’s really serving his own.Now that his children are bristling under the (needed) protection of their older sister, Frank convinces several of them he’s out for their love when he’s really using them as pawns, lookouts, or entry points into other people’s worlds.(Most obvious example: Dana Brody on , who prompted a 2013 article in The Daily Beast titled, “‘Homeland’ star Morgan Saylor: TV’s Most Hated Character Talks Back.”) These reactions are most likely a blend of young actors in over their heads, adults who find teens annoying in general, and plain old sexism.

But given this, it’s surprising that a solid, relatable, well-acted character like Debbie Gallagher hasn’t received more attention.

By season four, though, Debbie, now entering her teens, began to break away.

Fighting with Fiona and trying to hang with the cool kids despite her obvious geekiness, she begins a dangerous relationship with a 20-year-old man.

When the plan succeeds – the checks keep coming – it’s time for the woman to return to her nursing home, and Debbie begs for “Aunt Ginger” to stay.

It’s almost unsurprising, then, when the very next episode begins with Debbie, out in the street in pajamas and slippers, dressing a bag of potatoes in a winter hat and scarf, placing it in a ragged stroller she found in the trash, and walking it down the street, talking to it as if it’s her child.

having a strange woman pose as a dead aunt to rip off Social Security).