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Investigations will be conducted promptly to reach an equitable resolution.Once a reported violation of this policy is received, the following steps will occur: Investigations will typically be completed within 60 calendar days, inclusive of holidays, excluding appeals, after receipt of a complaint or report from a responsible employee.

A sex offense is any act directed against another person, without the consent of the victim, including instances where the victim is incapable of giving consent.Individuals who experience sex discrimination in violation of Title IX are entitled to: The Director of Equal Opportunity and Access serves as the University’s Title IX Coordinator.The Title IX Coordinator may delegate investigative responsibilities to individuals in their supervisory chain of command.The policies and procedures outlined have been designed through a representative process by students, faculty, and administrators to further the institution’s educational purposes and to assist students in their pursuit of knowledge and personal development.A student voluntarily joins the Western Illinois University community and thereby assumes the obligation of abiding by the standards prescribed in the Code of Student Conduct.As citizens of the larger community in which the University is located, students retain the rights and responsibilities common to all citizens; affiliation with the University does not diminish the rights and responsibilities held by a student or any other community member as a citizen of the State, the nation, or the world.

Students are subject to the behavioral prescriptions promulgated by each of these entities.The term sexual harassment means unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.Examples of behavior and conduct that constitute sexual harassment may include, but are not limited to, the following: A person who is incapacitated as a result of drug or alcohol use, voluntarily or involuntarily, is incapable of giving effective consent.Interim steps can also be implemented to prevent contact between a complainant and an accused party, such as housing, academic and working accommodations, if reasonably available.The University will make such accommodations, if the complainant requests them and if they are reasonably available, regardless of whether the complainant chooses to report the crime to the Office of Public Safety, local law enforcement, or be involved in an internal investigation.Individuals who know, or should have known, that another person is incapacitated must refrain from engaging in sexual activity with that person.

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