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What’s fascinating to me is that an evolutionary approach to human psychology, which used to be considered politically incorrect, turns out to be a perfect antidote to ethnocentrism, leading us to focus on our commonalities with other human beings, instead of our differences. Benet-Martinez pointed out that the folks up in Barcelona don't live the Southern Spanish lifestyle, with those 2 hour breaks and siestas. The reference to a "former colony" refers to the region of the United States that I live in, which I believe was once a colony of Spain.

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They concluded: “These results provide new evidence for the evolutionary model of age preferences in choosing a partner and for the universality of the sexual attraction mechanism.” (see my blog The Mind as a Coloring Book for a description of our research on age preferences in men and women).This is related to another salient difference: the Spanish keep a schedule very different from los Americanos.I have occasionally been shocked to find that most Spanish restaurants are closed at noon, and many other businesses close for two or three hours in the afternoon, during the “” time (which has persisted despite Spain’s union with Germany). From the perspective of an American business model, it hardly seems efficient, but the tapas sure are tasty.Spaniards then head back to work during the hours when most Americans are packing up to head home for dinner. The other day I was lost in my rental car, driving around the tiny village of Guejar Sierra, where the streets are hopelessly maze-like, and barely wide enough for one car to pass between the ancient walls.My GPS had gone haywire (turn left, turn right, turn left, turn right, no, no, wait, that’s wrong, now make a U-turn….).I can, on the other hand, transmit some Spanish, but am dazzled on the receiving end (when I ask “ in time). for catching the misspelling of Extremadura, which was one my own internal editor should have caught (whilst typing, I am capable of misspelling my own name).

But despite the fact that Luis’s half of our conversations was in halting English, and mine was in broken Spanish, we managed to understand one another perfectly, and it was clear that our responses to most social situations are precisely the same. Also, thank-you for sharing the statistic about marriage age preferences. Speaking "Americano," on the other hand, was what we call a joke in my country, and the reference to Spain's union with Germany represented my understanding that both countries were part of the European Union (of which there was a lot of talk while I was visiting Barcelona).

But of course, the more important point is that people everywhere: whether in Spain, Catalonia, Spokane, and California, have the same human nature, regardless of when they take their lunches or naptimes.

I'm kind of surprised about how little you seem to know about Spain and its language, given that you have studied Spanish.

) Douglas Kenrick is author of Related blogs: The Mind as a Coloring Book: Universal psychological mechanisms yield surprising cultural diversity. I did observe, however, that when she and her colleagues took me for lunch, it was at 2 P.

The Mind as a Coloring Book II: Why cultural diversity does not mean a blank slate mind. M., and for dinner, the restaurant didn't open till or !

But I did spend some time walking around the streets of Salamanca, Sevilla, and Barcelona, and much of that time involved discussions about culture and evolution with several Spanish psychologists, so I learned something about the differences (and the similarities) between Spanish and American societies.

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