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In addition to the size measurements, the CC shape was studied by spatial normalisation (based on an elastic wrapping of Tailarach atlas) as common reference system for intersubject comparisons [7], by Jacobian determinant maps, showing the shape but not size differences between images (results depending on the template used) [8], or by skeletal shape analysis [24].

The aim of our study is to define potential morphological sex differences of the CC by the use of polar coordinate system.

In the studies of the CC size and morphology, including measurements of midsagittal surface area, were used: straight-line method (genu-splenial line, intercommissural line and Chamberalin’s line) [6], curved-line method, bent line method (centre of gravity, medium line from the rostrum to splenium) [4], and radial gravity method [3].

These methods included different subdivisions of the CC, like subdivision in 7 subareas using the length of the CC [28] or the intercommissural line [26], division in 4 unequal subareas using intercommissural line [15], and the indexes, like slenderness index [4] or callosal ratio [26].

In most of older women there was a slender and almost symmetrical CC [10].

Females tend to have a smaller CCA, with its larger posterior fraction, the more slender CCs, the more bulbous splenium [4], larger splenium, and different pattern of age related changes [8].

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