Sappho lesbian dating

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Sappho lesbian dating - avan and zoey dating

Bloodaxe Books profiles Sappho in its author database.Bryn Mawr Classical Review also features an articles discussing the excitement of a new translation.

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Either way, Sappho was not persecuted for her poems in ancient times.

No one knows if the original poems were lost simply through the aging process or if they were later purposely destroyed by prejudiced people.

Here are some popular links for information regarding Sappho's life, poetry, and eroticism: Isle of Lesbos: Poetry of Sappho contains detailed information on Sappho's life, along with other art and culture of lesbian and bisexual women.

This shows that people may have been more receptive and open to strong displays of emotions for members of the same sex, whether the feeling were sexual or not.

The words "lesbian" and "sapphire" were derived regarding Sappho--"lesbian" from the isle of Lesbos, where women often congregated, and "sapphire" come from the name Sappho.

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