Saif and preity dating

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Saif and preity dating - adult singles dating island falls maine

Deccan Chronicle reported on Tuesday that Preity has been dating someone in Los Angeles for a while.

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Unbelievable.” The current controversy queen looks happy and content alongside her good friend Saif.While businessman Ness Wadia is facing a molestation case filed by his former girlfriend Preity Zinta, the actor has left the country and is currently in LA.What is not known, however, is the actress, who is following the case from America, is in a relationship.In Mumbai, police had recorded statements of two eyewitnesses, who were at Garware pavilion during the IPL match when the alleged incident took place.Out of court settlement Meanwhile, in a twist in the molestation case, The Telegraph reported that both parties have started exploring the possibility of settling the case outside court.And here’s what we found about the firang who accompanied her to IPL 2014 semi-final match and is also one of the key witnesses in the case filed by PZ against ex, Ness Wadia…. He is based in Los Angeles, is 30-something and works as a financial analyst.

Our source says the two met on one of her trips to the US a couple of years ago. Gene gave her company during this year’s IPL and she flew back with him to the US after the finals, as he had to return to work,” adds the source.Of course, there's a future to the Wadia-Preity alliance. Rumour number two from Australia: she fired her staff. But my spot boy got awfully homesick midway through the schedule. "You know, after Veer-Zara I wondered where I should go. As far as being classically cool goes, no actress can go any further than Yash Chopra. "Siddhartha Anand who directed me in Salaam Namaste is outstanding, definitely one of the best directors I've worked with. "For the first time I'll be shooting two films - Shirish Kunder's Jaan-e-Man and Karan Johar's Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna - simultaneously. "But the one thing that I won't do is shoot on Sundays.The best thing is, Saif Ali Khan and I get to mouth such incredibly funny lines, you know, not double meanings and stuff. She has been telling the media about her no link-up with these guys though she is fully aware that most of these linkups were due to her good equation with them in her films.

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