Rolleiflex dating

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Rolleiflex dating

Interestingly, this month saw the launch of uk and is the exclusive authorised dealer of DHW Fototechnik products in the United Kingdom, and the only ecommerce store in the EU.They sell used Rolleiflex equipment as well as brand new models that are still manufactured in the original Rollei factory in Germany. Anybody interested in being photographed on film using this camera should enquire via the contact page and I will provide a quote.

Seeing how I’m concentrating my efforts on perfecting the daguerrean craft, I wanted to wait to write about this project until I had proper sized plates.That said, It performs beautifully with colour film in which case I use Kodak Portra.The image above of Matt Blake went on to be used for his EP cover artwork along with another image from the shoot for the back cover of the cd sleeve.The range in the tones captured on film are fantastic and the images have an honesty about them.Without a darkroom of my own I haven’t had the pleasure of making prints from the negatives as yet.The whole process from capture to the presentation all feels more real.

I find the camera inspires me in the way I see things.

It lends itself to this kind of work and there is something about capturing artists on film that feels special to me.

The archival nature perhaps, living on a physical frame of film instead of ones and zeros in a digital file.

Here are a few examples of portraits shot over the summer.

I prefer black and white to colour and use Kodak Tri X 400 film for its contrast, tone and grain.

Instead, they are scanned at a pro lab and what you see here in terms of the exposure and composition is straight from the negative!

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