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If anyone takes a sacred Jewish or Christian symbol and says it represents their pride in (what the Bible calls) sin, that should be a giant warning sign that this is not a movement of God.2. Hint: any time you see the word "pride" connected to anything that just might possibly be a little questionable, run! The Borg, from the Star Trek series, would assimilate you into the collective, make you part robot and you would lose all personal identity. Resistance is futile."There have been cases all across the country, from Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, to the the cancellation of the the Benham Brothers HGTV show, to flower shops, bakeries and photographers being fined and attacked with a torrent of violent and profane vitriol (and in some cases threats of arson and murder) because they refused to violate their conscience and participate in what is an inherently religious ceremony. Rainbow means homosexual pride, not promise of God; 2. He is the Good News in a world bombarded with bad news of murder, terrorism and hatred.

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Affirming churches also address the needs of gay Christians as believers in Christ, hosting Bible studies, starting cell groups, and encouraging Sunday worship service attendance.Fortunately, more and more support groups are emerging and are going out of their way to accept gay Christians for who they are.Find an Affirming Church Churches that welcome gay Christians into their congregation are termed as gay-affirming, or simply affirming, churches.In the area of same-sex marriage, there are some ideas that are completely at odds with simple Bible based Christianity (the only other kind of Christianity is what we make up ourselves). The appropriation of the rainbow as symbolizing gay pride. It's what you call "trying to poke your finger in the eye of God". James 4:5 "God opposes the proud." Nebuchadnezzar had pride in his great kingdom. And God took his mind and sent him wandering insanely in the wilderness like a cow (Daniel 4). The Bible's communication on this is simple and clear. And according to the Bible (the basis of Christianity) homosexuality is a sin, like adultery or stealing or lying. His desire is that none should perish, but that everyone come to repentance - 2 Peter 3:9. Which means you have to get to that starting place that you agree with Him that it's sin.4. As a friend told me the other day: if I lie, I'm a liar. More than two people coming together, it also represents Christ's relationship with His church. One caveat: if you make up your own Jesus and own Bible, none of this applies. If it's same-sex marriage, do it honestly and declare that you're not buying what Jesus is selling.The rainbow is one of the oldest Christian and Jewish symbols, representing God's promise to Noah in Genesis that "Never again will the floodwaters destroy all life". Embracing a concept that God loathes (pride), is a good indication this is not a movement of God.3. The practice of homosexuality and same-sex marriage is sin. Romans -27 is a complete repudiation of homosexuality. So for the Christian to participate in a same-sex marriage would be to demand he or she violate their conscience. The same-sex marriage movement is not unlike the Borg. The movement is against Christianity and Christians: So to recap, popular culture says:1. Then, whichever side you choose, let's have a talk about this Really Good News that Jesus brings to all sinners, whether their sins be lying, stealing, adultery, homosexuality, or pride.We get to know you personally through our online Relationship Questionnaire.

Then we utilize patented matching technology developed by the scientists at e Harmony to match you with like-minded gay singles.There can be discrimination by conventional and “straight” communities, and sometimes persecution from their fellow Christians as well because of their lifestyle conflicts with the Christian belief that homosexuality is a sin.There are actually gay communities who have a desire to follow and worship, but because of their conflicting identities as a gay and a Christian, it can be a hard time finding Christian communities and churches that would be welcoming.Online dating personals and matchmaking for bisexual singles. Repeated Disclaimer: I can't wordsmith this so that everyone who wants to defend their lifestyle isn't offended.The traditional gay dating site model, offering only picture and profile browsing, can be ineffective for those gay singles looking for a long-term relationship -- love that lasts.

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